By Tinkerbel Mwila

Preliminary findings by the Human Rights Commission into investigations involving the alleged abduction of the Hatembo family indicate that the family is not under any form of abduction.

Commission Spokesperson Mwelwa Muleya says during its investigations, the Commission learnt that the Hatembo’s are seeking protection from the state from the third party pursuing them and that they are not any under any form of abduction.

Mr. Muleya has however described the situation that the Hatembo family is in as internally displaced persons where persons run away from a form of persecution.

Speaking in Kitwe yesterday during an election monitoring tool for media institutions on the administration of the Public Order Act, Mr. Muleya explained that the Hatembo family believe they are under safe environment running away from third party wanting them to do something against their will.

In March this year, the Hatembo family who had sued UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema over the sale of Kalomo farm number 1924 dispelled media reports suggesting that they have been abducted but that they are hiding in the bush running away from people who are forcing them to appeal the case against Mr. Hichilema.


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