Having successfully shrank the democratic space,HH is now moving to shrink the economic space- Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe


Having successfully shrank the political and democratic space in the country, Mr Hakainde Hichilema is now moving to shrink the economic space.

With such a high statutory reserve ratio at 14.5% means more money taken away from commercial banks to lend to customers. It means less money for the banks to provide loans to its customers.

Once credit is scarce, then how will business expand without access to credit? How will start up business commence operations without access to credit? At what price will commercial banks charge for the available money to advance loans?

This measure is a contractionary measure which will result in reduced economic activity.

We are at a loss with such pronouncements.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Next time UPND will shrink your tumacende for stealing People’s Pensions and PAYE!
    Iwe kamudala ka wenye! You tell lies everyday.
    We know you as a convicted thief so what do you want in politics? Don’t you have shame you kakoswe?
    Stupidly, you think being a ka Bemba thief will make you a president!!
    Wailasha mambala iwe. I am going to take you on wherever I get to meet you.

  2. There were worse things like reckless borrowing and gassing which happened and Fred was conspicuously silent. I have more respect for Nevers Mumba. He may have his weaknesses like all human beings, but he is principled and brave.

  3. M’membe really hates HH to the bone, I wonder what he can do to him if he was allowed to harass him the way Satan was allowed to harass Job. The great commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself does not mean anything to him. His heart is heavy with hatred and he really knows how to use it.


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