Headman’s wife reveals hubby’s big snake
AN ESTRANGED wife of a headman in Chief Munkanta’s chiefdom in Kawambwa has lifted the lid off her former husband’s dark secret in which he allegedly kept a big snake as charm, referred to as ilomba in local language.

Catherine Mambwe alleged that headman Mutebela kept the snake in one of the rooms in their house, and he fed it with milk and porridge.
Ms Mambwe, who was facing divorce from her husband, decided to reveal his secret after he refused to reconcile with her.

She said from the time her husband was installed as headman, he has allegedly been keeping the giant snake in his house.
“On Thursday I was at my palace when a woman whom I know as headman Mutebela’swife came. She started telling me how her husband kept a snake in their home for many years and fed it with porridge and milk,” Chief Munkanta said.

The traditional leader said the woman informed him that the headman treated the snake like a baby and a member of the family.

After receiving the news, Chief Munkanta summoned headman Mutebela.
Chief Munkanta said he ordered the headman to bring the snake in the company of the chief’s retainers.

“I could not believe what my eyes saw. The headman brought a big snake. He had put it in a sack. He removed it in the presence of some villagers. My family and myself were all shocked,” Chief Munkanta said.

The headman told Chief Munkanta that he got the snake from a certain man whom he wanted to call so that he could get it back.

“I allowed him to go because I wanted to see the person who allegedly gave him the snake. It was at this point that the headman disappeared and he is nowhere to be seen.
The headman escaped leaving the snake at the palace with Chief Munkanta and members of the public wondering on what to do with it.

The traditional leader then decided that the snake be killed.
The chief’s trainers killed the snake because it caused panic among the people in the village.

Chief Munkanta said he will not condone anyone engaging in such acts because it has potential to scare away investors.

Chief Munkanta said Zambia is a Christian nation and citizens must run to God for everything.


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