Helen Paul tenders deep apology to actress, Lizzy Anjorin for misinterpretation of post taking side with Iyabo Ojo


Helen Paul tenders deep apology to actress, Lizzy Anjorin for misinterpretation of post taking side with Iyabo Ojo

Nigerian comedienne and professor, Helen Paul has tendered a deep apology to Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin over misinterpretation of her post.

For some days now, Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin have been engaging in a public spat. Amid their ongoing beef, Helen had put up a post questioning what a baby lizard was referred to. She questioned if it would be called Lizzy Baby.

Surprisingly, Iyabo took to her comment section to drop a laughing emoji which left many believing that the post was targeted at Lizzy Anjorin.

As expected, Lizzy had fired back noting how people throw shots at her, yet complain when she responds to them.

“Same people saying Sepeteri was not referring to me then are the same set of people shouting mention her name when Awokawo receives hot koboko.

Lizard no dey tire for pressup (You Gerrit?) Sepeteri I saw u on that comment section I hope you will console her when my reply hits her like a bomb”.

Now taking to her Instagram page, Helen Paul clarified that the post wasn’t targeted at her and was wrongfully interpreted. According to her, it was just a playful post and was in no way referring to the controversial actress.

“Good morning sis
Some people called to inform me about my playful post and said you were angry. So sorry, it wasn’t in any way referring to you. Sorry for the misinterpretation or timing.

Thank you”.
See some comments from netizens below,

One The Belle Tiwa wrote, “Why Professor Helen Paul go dey apologize to Aunty Elizard, she didn’t mention anybody na. And she’s a comedian

One Fluffy Bear wrote, “She may not even remember their fight before she made that post but if Helen made it to insult Lizzy she fuck up because she no suppose interfere in their classless fight

One Jyne wrote, “I like the fact she cleared the air. Prof in a foreign land no be mate with social media nuisances

One I Tobiloba wrote, “Bunch of immature idiots wasting aproko people’s data

One Tohab wrote, “Everything is war to a bitter person that lacks peace of mind, you can’t joke with them, nah fight.

One Adelakun Tufayi wrote, “The pressure to stay relevant is real

One Forever Oladoyin wrote, “The post was harmless but me I don’t know why Lizzy and Iyabo wanna make this about them. Helen stay clear oo”.


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