HERE IT IS … ECL TESTING HOW DEEP THE WATERS ARE BLINDLY …. Watch the space if you know him better . In this game, M’membe is a tactician- Mark Simuuwe


Mark Sim SIMUWE writes,

By Mark Simuuwe

HERE IT IS … ECL TESTING HOW DEEP THE WATERS ARE BLINDLY …. Watch the space if you know him better . In this game, M’membe is a tactician .

ECL will finish all the true greens who are voicing out ; it seems they have forgotten how he dealt with KAMBWILI, Kabimba , Miles , Kalaba , Fred M’membe and others when he first aspired as Presidential candidate .

It is individual like ECL who can easily be blackmailed and used to jump into the flame of fire by simply telling him that fire no longer burns .

Next to be hammered is KAMBWILI , GBM , Chitalu Chilufya , Chitotela , Sunday Chanda , among others to be axed and shown the door .

Right now , ECL is testing how deep the waters are …, then he will bite ! He is still scared of KAMBWILI and GBM …the spanner here is my foolish cousin Given Lubinda, being used .

The game is on , Given Lubinda is fooling ECL by blackmailing him on key enemies , most likely , he may take a foolish step by joining hands with M’membe as this is what M’membe has already calculated.

Cunningly, M’membe could also be feasting on PF because that is his stumbling block right now . When PF makes noise M’membe is completely overshadowed and remains completely impotent.

M’membe is not foolish ; he knows which PF officials can oppose the PF- SP affair or alliance and will use Lubinda cunningly to whip PF staunch ,key political spinners .

In this game , my elder brother Emmanuel Mwamba has been beaten . Unfortunately, it is these games M’membe understands well. Clearly , the Lubinda ,ECL , M’membe affair should worry all those wanting to aspire for PF leadership.

As for my brother , Nakacinda , he is another lopsided human being who takes time to read between lines . They will use him nicely , give him cash , and later dump him . Nakacinda is on Fred M’membe’s menu .

My comrade Chilufya Tayali , who stands his ground on what he wants to achieve , regardless of how many people oppose him , and I admire him for that , long before all this game started hatching , read the whole game and is far ahead of all of them .

As this game is going on , MPs are divided and the majority do not want ECL to continue ; only a few sober ones will speak out in a few days to come . Some have no confidence in themselves to win legal battles in the unlikely event that they are expelled so would rather focus on their constituency and not comment .

As for Mundubile’s and Kampyongos- these have lot their political campus , and do not know whether to swim or sink .

As for poor PF members , they are scattered and wondering which direction. Meanwhile , those who went ahead of them to SP , have already ascended to the throne and they do not want those who controlled things in PF to control them in SP as well. Herein lies total chaos !

Meanwhile , senior PF officials and MPs are hesitant to support M’membe as they believe he is too small and visionless a politician to offer allegiance.

The game is on…!


  1. What a shame for Miles to stand up and destroy PF. I thought education should be used for objective reasoning, this falls below datum line. Killing PF with his head high. Can he walk with his head high. Is he even sleeping well. SHAME. We can only pray for you

  2. Mmembe overates himself these are the discussions they had in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately Mmembe is visionless and unsaleable he is like kabimba a non entity in politics.
    Let’s wait and see the self destruction begin!!What a mess!


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