HH betrays Nsingo, Kenneth Kaunda and all voters by selling Zambian land to foreigners so cheaply- Chris ZUMANI

Chris Zumani
Zumani Zimba

HH betrays Nsingo, Kenneth Kaunda and all voters by selling Zambian land to foreigners so cheaply

By Chris ZUMANI Zimba

1. In President HH, each week, it is becoming increasingly clear that Zambians mistakenly voted for a ripe sovereign auctioneer, passionate government privatization agent, chief national resources gambler and master imperial dealer;

2. This December, 2023, we mourn with Mpika MP, Hon. Francis Kapyanga and his people over HH’s sale of over 120,000 hectares of Land around gold rich Kanyelele area in Mpika District to Canadian foreigners for mining purposes. This betrayal is both unbelievable and unacceptable indeed;

3. Apart from being rich with gold and other precious minerals, this land sold to a foreign mining Canadian company is covering multiple villages, grave yards and farms while traditional leaders and local people were never consulted. Thus, HH’s state dealership gesture is both undemocratic and unpatriotic for sure;

4. According Socialist Party leader, Dr. Fred M’membe on 5th December, 2023, the UK’ Guardian Newspaper revealed that President HH so far has already and speedily sold 10% of Zambia’s forest land to UAE royalists for carbon credits. As nobody knows when and how much is involved, these seem to be secret deals between Bally and his foreigners;

5. If this HH has made record of being the First Republican President to auction and sale 10% of Zambian Forest Lands to Dubai based foreigners in two years of being in power, Zambians must prepare to lose more than 50% of sovereign territory to foreigners by 2031 if this man is re-elected in 2026;

6. In December 2022, Zambia’s Dr. Sishuwa Sishuwa lamented that president HH “cut extremely generous tax concession deals with mining multinationals such as First Quantum Minerals (FQM), a Canadian firm that invested in Hichilema’s election as well as made sure the Zambian government relinquished its 20% shareholding stake in the FQM-run Kansanshi Mine in return for a paltry 3% royalty payment on revenue”;

7. Although President HH is shamefully winking at the ‘dog bite IMF loan’ with harsher penalties that are already cooking most Zambians, this country is believed to be losing more than U$ 3 Billion Dollars in revenue annually due to the UPND’s tax holidays for their election funders-foreign mining companies like FQM;

8. It’s clear that HH’s priority and goal is to please his foreign funders and starve Zambians-his voters. This explains why the idea of selling thousands of hectares of Zambian land to foreigners is so easy and normal for him;

9. On March 14th , 2023, Golden Party President Jackson Silavwe revealed and condemned HH’s New Dawn Government’s decision of giving 20,000 hectares of land for maize farming to Kenyans instead of giving Zambian youth or ZNS;

10. In 1890, The Lozi King of Barotseland, King Lubosi or Lewanika willingly gave up his territorial control to the British South African Company (BSA) by giving them Commercial Concessions over minerals and wildlife in exchange with a “salary” of less than 3,000 British Pounds and ‘security protection’ from invaders;

11. Historically, this “uneducated” and innocent Lozi King is the first “Zambian” who unknowingly and freely “sold” half of modem Zambia under his control to British foreigners for imperial purposes, exploitation and colonialism;

11. Factually, it is clear that the innocent Lozi King of Barotseland was cheated and manipulated by the BSA Company agents as he was made to sign concession treaties to surrender his vast territory to them in English as he could not read and write;

12. But when the BSA company decided to take over the remaining “Northern Rhodesia” called North East Zambezi, the Ngoni people led by Prince Nsingo Jere, son of King Mpezeni Thuto Jere openly refused and decided to defend their territorial sovereignty with their lives in the Anglo-Ngoni war of 1898-9;

13. Although the BSA company later killed and defeated Ngoni warriors using their guns and assassinated Zambia’s first freedom fighters leader, Nsingo Jere in modern Chipata in 1899, the invading foreigners remained warned that not all local people smile at colonialism and imperialism;

14. Since HH’s government is not issuing grand mining licenses or giving out such huge sizes of land to Zambians covering this magnitude except to foreigners, it is true that Nsingo Mpezeni Jere and Kenneth Kaunda’s sacrifice and efforts to defend territorial sovereignty has been insulted, betrayed and undermined today;

15. While we understand that King Lewanika was duped to freely give up his Barotseland to foreigners because he was uneducated, ignorant of territorial wealth and ‘fearful’ of British guns in 1890, we don’t understand why this educated, sophisticated and exposed HH is behaving like an ancient and uneducated African king in this modern 2023;

16. Although Kenneth Kaunda feared only HH to become the county’s president as he was the worst threat to “One Zambia, One Nation”, HH’s new passion to auction, sale and privatize this country is another source to “declare national mourning” because future Zambians will be indeed entangled in more colonial servitude and new imperial chains;

17. If we allow this president to be dishing out and cheaply selling our only God given land to these descendants of Cecil Rhodes in this manner and fashion, we risk losing everything for ourselves as Zambians and our children’s children will be like foolish foreigners in the land of their ancestors;

18. Empirically, it seems like the gamble of selling Zambian land to foreigners has emerged to be HH’s new privatization passion and the New Dawn’s imperial auctioning goal;

19. This is huge betrayal to Nzingo Jere, 10, 000 Ngoni warriors and thousands of freedom fighters who died for our liberation. Moreover, as Zambians owning land is the only physical property that qualifies you and me to be true Zambian citizens;

20. Therefore, this unpatriotic and treacherous behavior of HH to auction our land to foreigners in this fashion must be condemned by politicians, scholars, voters, traditional leaders, NGOs, students, youths, the clergy, media practitioners and all well meaning Zambians.

Dr Chris ZUMANI Zimba is a Political Scientist, Researcher, Author & Consultant specialized in Comparative Global Governance and Democratic Theories. He holds a PhD, MA, BA and Cert in Political Science. Zimba was President Lungu’s Political Advisor from December 2019 to August 2021.


    • No. He is telling the truth. It is not just him saying these things.

      This man Hakainde is as dodgy as they come. Trust him at your own peril.

      KK was completely correct about this man.

      • Indigo Tryol fuseki iwe PF idiot. Your Zumani is doing propaganda on your behalf PF idiots. There’s no truth in this rubbish pile up! Ulichipuba iwe for hating an innocent person.

    • Ironic how you infer the motivation by Zumani to write this article could be linked to time behind bars? After reading the whole article, I also notice that the only people referred to are Fuledi yakumbuyo and his side chick shuwa2! Just wondering…..

  1. Why has Chris Zumani Zimba written this? The largest single taxpayer in Zambia is First Quantum Mining the last time I checked. It’s mining in North-Western province. Some people including those who had died and had been resting in peace had to be relocated to enable large scale mining operations to begin. Gold is the most valuable of precious metals. I want to join Chris Zumani Zimba in asking why Zambia has chosen not to mine it itself. The largest gold exporter in Africa is probably Ghana. There are no riches to show for years of gold mining in that country. In fact Ghana is looking for yet another IMF bailout package. It’s another African country that is refusing to grow up.

      • Indigo Tryol you PF idiot. HH is not answerable to all PF losers who never contributed any vote to his ascendancy to Presidency. So stop that stupidity PF criminal iwe

  2. This man called HH will just be given this same 5 years. In 2026 we are changing the leadership. Whether one want to refuse or what! Upnd is one term party to rule Zambia.

    • dream on, no way we go back to mediocre leadership. None of the opposition parties have democratically elected office bearers, and you expect Zambians to look to anyone of them as possible head of state. Why this continued hatred for an individual. Just a few days out if jail and you are abusing the freedom of speech brought by UPND Alliance.

  3. These are serious accusations by Dr. Zumani and require a response from the government. I won’t dismiss this as mere propaganda.

    Let us leave the copper mines to foreign investors. The gold must be in indigenous hands. Gold sells for US$1900 for 31grams. This is where we as a nation must focus our efforts.

    If truly 120,000 ha of land in Kanyelele area in Mpika have been given to the Canadians to exploit for gold, then it is betrayal of the worst kind.

    I await a response to this article from the government.

  4. zamani must soew his ignorant resent about hh, we understand that but for him to publicly 8nsult the most noble king Kewanika of Barotseland shows how the modern “Dr” are very ignorant, uneducated and blind.
    Lewanika had Barotseland and entered into partnersbip with white people, not durrendering his land to them.
    Land in Barotseland still belongs to barotses, unlike in zambia where foreigners are buying it like vitumbuwa. In 1880, there was no zambia, there were no politicians or a zambian president.
    What came to be known as northern rhodesia where zamani comes from is a foreign country of manyukunyuku in barotseland.
    So which zambian land did lewanika sell?
    Today people like zamani are the ones whobare insistong to be one zambia one nation with barotseland. They are the ones whobstole 91million ponds in 1965 from Lewanika’s treasury, they are the ones colonising Barotseland.
    This charlatan must know that without Lewanika, eadtern province would belong to malawi today, copperbelt would be part of zaire, southern, zimbabwr, north west would angola and northern would be part of tanzania.
    If you suffer from diarrhea, stay in the toilt, not among people, or your terrible smell will devalue you.
    Leace Lewanika and Barotseland iut of your confused country of zambia.
    We are not even brothers

  5. As patriotic citizens who love our country, any purported sale of any piece of Zambia to foreigners deserves an explanation to us the owners of Zambia!
    Can we have an official statement from HH, Kabuswe and Mwitwa confirming or denying this disturbing development!
    If this is what these frequent foreign trips are all about, then we are in for a raw deal!
    Umulembwe wa fipuba bupwila muli Tumfweko!
    How long are Zambians going to sit back and allow their land to be sold out without their consent or knowledge?
    Instead of using our local skills and knowledge to stockpile our Gold and using it to back our Kwacha, we are busy giving our money (Gold) to ba mwisa.
    It seems too much western education destroys a lot of common sense! We have more educated leaders today but this is when a lot of foolish decisions are being made!
    Boma, we the citizens want an explanation about these allegations that have been raised against you!


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