Friday, October 3, 2023
We want to sound this warning to the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema as President of this country. Democracy was fought for. The people who fought for it such as my father and his friends have not died in vain.

The Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP) will begin to consider legal as well as political actions if we continue to see this disgraceful, impaired sort of governance we are experiencing today.
What we have seen from the police and other institutions of governance; taxpayers money being watsted on guarding private institutions like the Patriotic Front (PF) Secretariat, guarding persons such as one individual arriving at an airport just because he is in line with what you want us to believe as democracy will not be tolerated anymore.

That must stop. We are not blind and we are not deaf. As Zambians we can see and we can hear very clearly what message you are sending.

Zambia Must Prosper has now declared that it will be the protector of Zambia’s democracy in line with other progressive opposition parties.

We will not allow the government in power to abuse its power, to misuse its power and misuse government resources and government institutions to the levels that it has done thus far.
This nonsense stops now.
Zambia Must Prosper


  1. Go ahead and lose all your stupid actions. Even a layman at law can see that you have no grounds but hatred, envy and stupidity to abuse the courts. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. The duty of the police is to provide security, maintain law and order wherever their services may be required. It can be at your secretariat if at all you have one as long as you request them to provide that security to you. Therefore; providing security cannot be a wastage of tax payers’ money, that is a misplaced statement. I beg you to do more research and come up with more facts. You actually waste more money when you allow lawlessness to happen instead of preventing it because many people will be injured or even killed. When they are injured, big expenditure starts because you will need fuel for Ambulances, drugs and other medical supplies like suturing materials, gauze, bandages, x-ray films etc. The same people if admitted, you will need hospital beds, cleaning materials for their wards, linen and clothes. Besides that they will need food and water plus power. You can see how long the chain reaction is, it involves substantial sum of money and all of this money will come from the tax payer. Worse still, if some of the injured people die, some people will be made widows and orphans and will need Government support through SCT, bursaries, grants, scholarships etc. As a lawyer we expect better and quality articles from you and not what you are giving us, kindly improve.

  3. The way you are lying is unfortunate. You are making me stereotype lawyers that they are ALL DULL! There is no infringement on democracy in this country. Mweetwa Cornelius revealed why they denied you a government position. I see that you are very jealous. God protected HH from you, Canicius Banda and GBM. All of you cunning untrustworthy people.

    Good riddance.


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