Mutotwe Kafwaya


…. To tell the nation the conditions which will be attached to his claims that creditors have promised to reduce 20% of the debt stock if he is elected

Lusaka…. Thursday May 6, 2021

TRANSPORT and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has challenged UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to tell the nation the conditions which will be attached to his claims that creditors have promised to reduce 20 percent of the debt stock if the opposition party is elected.

In an interview, Kafwaya also challenged Hichilema to explain to the nation which creditors he was referring to.

“The first thing I would like to say is that over the years I have listened to HH, HH has the capacity to say anything. So, I will take that as anything that has come out from his month. HH is capable of insulting voters before they vote for his candidates. He did that in Lukashya. HH is capable of saying ‘the day I become President, the Dollar will come down’ without saying how that will happen. HH has capabilities to say that the debt stock will be reduced in the manner he is saying without stating which lenders he is talking to. What conditions will be attached to whatever reduction he is claiming? He has these capabilities. So for me I don’t doubt that he can say anything. So, this is just one of the things that he demonstrated to say without substantiation,” Kafwaya said.

“The questions I would have for him, which lenders is he talking to? Those are sovereign debts, in what capacity are they talking to him? If no one is talking to him, how is he making up all that? So, let him tell us which lenders he is talking to, let him tell us in what capacity they are talking to him to assure him that they can be able to reduce that sovereign debt just by him becoming President. It is not him who owes alone, of course he is part of us the Zambian people who owe. This debt is for all of us, we deserve to know all of us as Zambians when somebody talks about something that is sovereign in this fashion. He should be able to state in what sovereign meeting? Who is he representing in those dark corner meetings? He needs to restrict dark corner meetings and pronouncements to UPND.”

Kafwaya charged that Hichilema should concentrate on talking about UPND’s plagiarized visionless manifesto.

“Look at their manifesto, if I were him, I would concentrate on talking about that plagiarized visionless manifesto. That is what he should concentrate on. You can’t be talking about the debt stock in the manner he is talking about. For President Lungu and PF, the focus is on Zambians. This is why even this debt stock went to communication towers which have gone across the country and as Minister of Transport I can confirm. This is why the debt stock has gone into roads which Zambians are using. This is why the debt stock has gone into hospitals which Zambians are using across the country. This is why the debt has gone into weather prediction technology which is being used by all Zambians.


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