HH doesn’t sleep, he fears Lungu – Mwape

Edgar Lungu

By Kholiwe Miti(The Mast)

THE PF says President Hakainde Hichilema is so scared of his predecessor Edgar Lungu, hence the ruling party’s manoeuvres to destroy the main opposition party.

Livingstone Central Constituency PF youth secretary James Mwape says President Hichilema has failed to address the cost of living, hence shifting people’s attention from economic problems.

“HH is protecting illegalities caused by Miles Sampa for fear of ECL. President HH doesn’t sleep, even before ECL announced his return to active politics. Preventing ECL from standing in 2026, it’s not going to work because it’s his democratic right to stand [as] provided [for] by the Constitution of Zambia,” he said in a statement. “HH has failed to provide solutions to the high cost of living affecting the Zambian people that’s why he’s trying to kill political parties by persecuting political leaders and hijacking opposition parties in favour of his stooges like they did to Democratic Party. Records are there. By doing so HH has shifted his mind from working and delivering for the Zambians to PF wrangles in wanting PF [to] die so that UPND can be passing bills in parliament without any difficulties.”

Mwape warned that President Hichilema risked losing the next general election due to his unfulfilled promises.

“Therefore, I want to remind President HH that the Constitution allows ECL to stand again in 2026 general election. No doubt about it. If ECL files his nomination in 2026, then, it means deal sealed. Zambians are silent and ECL is silent too, like he’s in agreement with the Zambian people to keep silent and their secret will be revealed by the ballot in 2026,” Mwape said. “The door for HH is wide open, because if ECL files his nomination then he will scoop 2026 general election and HH fears that. I am urging President HH to get into action and work for the Zambian people who voted for you before it’s too late for you. Humble yourself and consult ECL. After all the Zambian people want President HH to develop this country, but he has failed to read between the lines that he’s too much of himself. All these imingalato President HH is playing hiding in the name of Miles Sampa to block ECL, the Zambian people know every detailed truth about this scam and they know their preferred candidate for 2026. That is no other than ECL.”

He said because President Hichilema controls the intelligence in the country, they have told the Head of State that Zambians are fed up of him.

“HH is the President of Zambia, he has all the intelligence and the internal security. These people they give him information on daily basis. He knows the truth that Zambians they no longer believe in his lies because they sleep with hunger. They have no food which he promised them – three meals per day. They fail to provide for their children,” said Mwape. “Now they’ve remembered where they are coming from saying mwa ECL mwalipo bwino, twaleikuta (things were better under ECL. We used to be full). And that information doesn’t sit well with President HH. President HH fears ECL, no doubt about it. But let him accept that he has failed to deliver for the citizens. Zambians have no choice but to vote him out of office in replacement of ECL. This is not a joking matter. As youths of PF we will not allow UPND government to persecute ECL in order for them to remain in power forever.”


  1. This is a worn out story ba Mwape. Before the August 2021 elections, PF was busy shouting that the opposition was scared of Mr. Lungu and that is why they opposed his candidacy. The Constitutional Court gave him an illegal third term attempt and Zambians delivered their verdict. The formidable but illegal candidate lost by a whomping 1million votes.

    You are back with the same story. It seems you never learn. HH and UPND are 10 times better than ECL and his PF even with the challenges we are facing. The opposition in its current form has lamentably failed to offer meaningful checks and balances.

    How is PF going to address the debt challenge that they created and failed to contain? When they exited, they left a US$600million debt just on fuel alone! You don’t need a fertile imagination to figure out what the fuel situation would be if PF had managed to rig the elections.

    I have absolutely no illusions about what life would be like if PF had “won”. We were headed the Zimbabwe way.

  2. With a face like lungu’s even the baboon’s in the game parks are afraid.
    TBH, only people smoking ganjah will say such things.
    Lungu is the first son of a baboon a King Chikala for that matter

  3. This Face has always caused nightmares especially for children, what else do you expect?
    Thanks to him and his gang, we’ll be defaulting the second Eurobond due for full repayment this year, 2024 and if the debt restructuring fails, we slide further into the debt pit!
    Those operating from the PF echo chamber should come out and face reality!
    ECL is politically impotent, a chancing hyena without a political party and even a dead dog is better than him, ungrateful bustard!


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