HH-ECL LOVE Peace Handshake…could mend Zambia 2023 positively says Amb. Anthony Mukwita

How to become a Tyrant- Amb. Anthony Mukwita

The Analysis KBNTV: HH-ECL LOVE Peace Handshake

…could mend Zambia 2023 positively says Amb. Anthony Mukwita

From KBNTV 23.03.23

Zambia has lots of socio-economic problems, like many other African countries but one thing that will ´ease´ the burden for the southern African country in my view, will be a truce between the current President Hakainde Hichilema and predecessor H.E Edgar Lungu (No.6 and 7) says Amb. Anthony Mukwita.

Kenya and South Africa have shown us in contemporary history of African politics that we can ´live and let die.´

What can Zambia learn from the above in terms of love and politics?

Analysts are concerned that there is ´no love lost´ between the two political adversaries (in Zambia) almost two years after a ´peaceful power transfer´ was inked after a tightly 2021 poll that saw President H.E Lungu hand over power to President Hichilema, peacefully.

Some Zambians are scared to air their personal views because their business could apparently get affected and ´fixed´.

As peace lover, I beseech our two parents to make compromises on both sides. Deals were signed from what I overstand.

KBNTV: The Crucial Peace Deal

“The unification of our two Presidents Hakainde Hichilema and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu will be great,” said Ambassador Mukwita, “On the cusp of 2023 President Hichilema said let’s bury the hatchet and move in a positive new year trend.” (KBNTVLIVE).

Ambassador Mukwita said, “It is common sense that when parents fight in a home, children suffer more…when parents are happy children are happy so President Lungu and President Hichilema, let’s get on a table and make peace instead of our parents fight so we can be happy as a country.”

On the side-lines nevertheless, Ambassador Mukwita, an astitute diplomat, editor said a truce will be hard to arrive at between number six and seven if compromises are not made. A ´zero sum´ is worse.

How does President HH deal with big brother and friend ECL family issues? Not all issues are legal. – Nelson Mandela.

For instance, a Nelson Mandela silver bullet.
If a truce comes, President Hakainde Hichilema (as current President) wins in my view but then, who am I? Look out for my next book if you can read beyond 50k words. The Rise of China in Africa, Zambia’s story.

NOTE: Make Love Not War


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