HH Has A Duty To Stop This Nonsense, Lameck Mangani Defends DPP Siyuni



…….says the decision she made in Milingo’s case was necessary

Lusaka…. Saturday, September 17, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

Former Minister of Home Affairs Lamek Mangani has implored President Hakainde Hichilema to put an end to the drama surrounding the DPP.

Hon Mangani argued that the decision the DPP made regarding the former KCM provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu was made in national interest.

He however slammed those that are charged with the responsibility of advising the Head of State.

The former Minister said this when he addressed the press in Lusaka today.

“President HH is the President for all Zambians, irrespective. And this is why I say that those driving the President into personal agendas, it will cause problems. Those who are advising to say remove this one because he is a Banda so that we put a Mubita, I mean it looks simple but it is dangerous,” he said.

“President Hakainde Hichilema has a duty to stop this nonsense and unite this country. Are we defeating the intelligence of Zambians who said no to tribalism and segregation? If President HH was in talking terms with President Lungu, I know that President Lungu would confess to him that people misled him. And these people that misled President Lungu are not people from afar.”

He said the decision that the DPP made in the matter in question is not a strange decision.

Hon Mangani advised the President to revisit his team of advisers and ministers.

“We don’t want ministers who will be praise singers. We want ministers who will tell the President the truth,” he said.

He also detested tribalism and segregation that is allegedly going on under the watch of the President.

Hon Mangani reminded President Hichilema that Zambians voted out PF based on the said facts.

And the former Minister said the JCC is being unfair in the DPP’s matter.

“Yes we have had a bad precedence in this country that any government that comes in you want to change the DPP. And I prayed hard that President Hakainde Hichilema should not have attempted to take that route. Because immediately you take that route, you are setting a precedence…..I prayed hard that President Hakainde Hichilema should take a different route,” he said.

“People are pushing the President against the wall. When you just organize lawyers who have active cases in court to try a magistrate, to try a judge, to try the DPP. The outcome of such a situation you can easily predict that it will not be favorable. Minister of Justice, I want to implicate you……it is this injustice that caused Zambians to rise against the PF. HH went to court more than anyone else. Surely, do we have to witness this as revenge……?”

Meanwhile, the former Minsiter warned the Head of State that there is going to be people who will try to mislead him.

“If the attempt is to just remove her and put a relative or someone from a named region then that is wrong. I want to appeal for soberness. The President my brother, there are always people who will want to mislead you, be careful,” he said


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