During PF’s tenure, loadshedding was attributed to low water levels in the Kariba to which the UPND said they had alternative solutions.

Today the UPND team is still singing to us a song we have already heard before. My
humble question is what happened to the solutions they had in opposition?

Our gullibility allows politicians to always get away with lies. Today, when citizens ask what
happened to those solutions, citizens are told “Don’t just criticize, you should provide solutions too” yet they clearly made promises during campaigns.

The climate change issue was there during PF and it is still there now but UPND had promised alternative solutions. Have the
solutions suddenly become obsolete?

Indeed lies have short legs


  1. Ba B fimo fimo haven’t you noticed that HH is o the trajectory to achieve his campaign promises? Tick what he has done and give us what is left. HH 7 ,no size .

  2. Kachinyo ka BFlow yakanyokola njala! Totally broke and hopeless. Mukose imwe tuma PK/Kalandanya fellas. You are used to the PF days when you were being paid for supplying air with tuma hule wriggling around you kkkk!
    Mu ND you have to work hard, no free handouts. Iwe ka BFlow, you need to go back to school and do your G12 and look for a proper job.
    You used to lead a confy life better ama Graduates atase. But nomba you have to work otherwise you’ll die. Why are you complaining.
    We still have 7 years to go na Bally and you lazy bastard will suffer if you don’t work hard. Lobe, ifwe we are enjoying cos we work for ourselves. We’re independent and feed ourselves and have always done so even under PF. Nomba imwe tuma musicians won’t survive if you don’t adapt. Work hard you ka BFlow and stop complaining. Kkkkkk!

  3. If protecting government resources and use them prudently is what you call failing, then it’s true HH has failed. People want to be given the whole field to eat freely ati ubomba mwibala alya mwibala, and within one week, they will shower him with praises and say that he has succeeded but that’s something HH cannot do, he is a man of integrity.

    • Well said….lounging around in Lusaka and calling them artists without producing anything ma wannabe artist ba njala

  4. If you leave in zambia and you listen to news you could have known by now that alternatives to hydro power are being put in place e.g solar power in kitwe which is in operational and others like solar power in sesheke coming on .
    This can not take a day its a process such that soon the power thing will be sorted out


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