Laura Miti writes….

I have a good friend who is a deep PFer. I love his very intelligent company but, goodness, our conversations always hit a brick wall because of his insistence on negatively
comparing HH to EL.

My brain freezes when he claims EL was all an round better leader. Ati he had better policies and was a committed democrat, who was dedicated to improving Zambia.

On the other hand, HH, according to him, is all things opposite of that. I kid you not, he says this passionately, with the look of a man trying to convert someone on a road to destruction.

It is on that point that I .

I tell him, PF as a party can be reimagined because in Zambia all parties are essentially the same. Someone else (not Miles) could take that vehicle currently on rocks, and put it back on the road.

That person just happens to not be Edgar Lungu. The former President’s ailments are the kind about which doctor solemnly declare – we can do no more for him.

I thought of my debate friend while istening to President H today. It struck me again that, if this President wants to hold himself to an impressive standard, he has to, as I have said often, divest himself of the belief that the baseline is EL.

He and EL are night and day. In fact, it would be an insult of competence to compare any of the other Presidents we have had, to EL. Even Sata, who was a veritable thug, and begun the slide to lawlessness, had a lot in his leadership arsenal.

So, yes, HH is a way better leader than we had in the immediate past. He can, for example, find it in himself to tell his cadres – not in the party’s name can you lord it over the people. That PF and UPND cadres have equal right to work in markets.

He gives us an idea of what is going on in his head, whether we agree with it or not.

OK, yes, HH talks a lot and is arrogant in his self belief, but then EL did not talk at all. Our 6th happily declared his lack of direction and thought humility ,however contrived, was all a leader needed.

Gosh, my PF friend. Can we please not have this conversation again!


  1. Intelligent observations ba Laura u make me.laugh as well its true
    Lungu and HH is night and day .
    Imagine carders beating policemen ku police kwine awe ba PF

  2. The chi PF you had as party in govt and its chi ECL was better a something that never happened to Zambia. What a chi ruling party it was and what a chi president that time! And now With all their ugliness, they still feel beautiful and attractive to the voter!! Are they from this world or are alien?

  3. Of course ,Laura, there’s no debate about that. Edgar Lungu was fond of marking the end of every year by attending military annual balls and not by holding a press conference. He often overstayed and was always the last one to leave the dance floor.


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