…as he pledges to work with the Patriotic Front in offering checks and balances.

LUSAKA, Monday, April 4, 2022 (SMART EAGLES)

ECONOMIC and Equity Party (EEP) president Chilufya Tayali has charged that President Hakainde Hichilema has been a disaster in his bid to improve the economy.

Speaking during a media briefing today, Mr Tayali said President Hichilema has made things far worse than he found them.

He said there is no economic indicator under the New Dawn Administration which shows that things will get better.

He said the price of commodities have skyrocketed contrary to his promises.

“President Hakainde Hichilema must apologise to the people for making things worse than he found them. There is nothing you can talk about that which you can say that things are getting better. The price of commodities have increased by more than 50%. This is against what he used to promise” he said.

He said the UPND Administration is killing the private sector.

He said there has been a shortage of medical drugs in Hospitals because the Government has branded companies that supplied drugs to the Patriotic Front Government as cadres and corrupt.

“We are having shortages of medicine because the new dawn have branded all those who were supplying medicine as corrupt. Medicine is not something you can supply like timber. It is supposed to be supplied by experts who are certified.

“These people are killing the private sector. How are they doing it, they labelled those who did business with the PF Government as corrupt. They have embraced foreigners and they have been paying foreigners whilst they do NOT want pay Zambians. We have people who supplied things to the enforcement agencies, they have not been paid because they have been called cadres and corrupt,” he said.

Mr Tayali has also advised the UPND to stop using the inflation rate as a benchmark to an improvement in the economy.

“The inflation has gone down because people cannot afford. People have no money, so you cannot expect inflation to go up because people are suffering. The New Dawn cannot understand because they are eating,” he said.

Mr Tayali is also of the view that the UPND Government should stop using the Ukraine-Russia war to justify fuel increments.

He said even when there is war, government should come up with policies that cushion the lives of people.

The EEP leader has called on Zambians to forgo any form of expectation in the much sought IMF program as it is bound to fail.

He announced that owing to the economic hardship Zambians will be subjected to under the UPND Administration, “Mr Hichilema will be a one term President.”

With regards to employment opportunities, Mr Tayali said the current Government does not know how to create employment.

“Employment in the public sector is not employment because you are overstretching your Government with expenses. You need to create employment outside Government. As it stands, the UPND has neglected the private sector,” he said

Meanwhile, Mr Tayali has urged the President to avoid generalising the fight against corruption. He said the Head of State should be able to substantiate statements made in Public.

And Mr Tayali has also rendered an apology to PF Acting President Given Lubinda over his transgressions in the past and pledged to work with the former ruling party in offering checks and balances.


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