Fr Richard Luonde


HAKAINDE Hichilema has persevered for a long time and has now been cast in steel, ready to lead this nation, says Fr Richard Luonde.

Fr Luonde has also urged alliance members to start campaigning now as Zambians cannot wait up to 2026 to get the PF out of office.

In a statement to The Mast, Fr Luonde who is the NDC interim national chairperson has urged Zambians to open their eyes and get the corrupt PF government out in August.

“Our alliance has now cast our presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema into steel. I say so because whatever happens between now and August will not change Zambians minds. HH is solidly on the ground and he believes in what Zambians want. Zambians today are living in abject poverty, with no hope for a better tomorrow while we have thieves in the PF who are not even employed flashing millions of kwachas,” he said.

“We are not casting HH in mutofwe which can easily melt, HH is grade one steel and won’t melt because Zambians are fed up and tired of people who are just interested in their own welfare. HH has been through thick and thin under the PF government. He has been to Mukobeko Prison for unreasonable charges of treason, but he stood his ground and came out as white as snow. Some politicians cannot withstand what HH has been through even for minute. When incarcerated for a day they opt to go back to the PF forgetting that what saves a person is evidence and not a political party.”

Fr Luonde said Zambia needs strong leaders who can withstand any weather, be it stormy or freezing, so that Zambians live a better life.

“We have suffered enough and no leader can today free us from this economic, living standards bondage apart from Hakainde Hichilema. We have decided honestly and comfortably to float him as the alliance presidential candidate because he cares for everyone and we saw it fit that there is no one who can move this country forward apart from him. And so let’s go out and campaign as though these are the last elections in our country,” Fr Luonde said.

He said Zambia needs a government and a head of state who can: “Pull us out of the misery, anarchy, and fangs of poverty.”

“If we allow the PF to rule us up to 2026, I am telling you that this country will totally collapse…the time to campaign is now. Let’s rescue this nation from the PF hands of violence, hands of criminals and fangs of corruption. If we don’t free Zambians from murderous altitudes of the corrupt, we will have ourselves to blame,” Fr Luonde said.

He called for honest campaigns so that Zambians hear the opposition.

Fr Luonde said God is kind and faithful.

“And the God who has made us cast HH in steel will lead us to the promised land and that land is Zambia. HH has been in the opposition for a long time and because he believes in that Zambia can be great again and resources can be equitably shared. Our talk will be that of development and not stealing,” said Fr Luonde


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