HH IS AN INCOMPETENT OPERATOR…he has never run anything of substance- Nawakwi


HH IS AN INCOMPETENT OPERATOR…he has never run anything of substance, charges Nawakwi

By Thomas Ngala (The Mast)

ANYTHING in Zambian hands is not good for President Hakainde Hichilema, charges FDD leader Edith Nawakwi.

“HH is an incompetent operator. He has never run anything of substance,” Nawakwi says.

She says for President Hichilema anything Zambian must be given to foreign hands.

Nawakwi told The Mast that President Hichilema has “this love for foreigners. It is an inferiority complex that most of our African leaders have”.

“It’s even better for him as he has demonstrated on Mopani that a South African politician from ANC is a better shareholder than the Zambian people. He would rather give shares in Mopani to a South African failed politician. So there is nothing you can say about Hakainde,” she said.

Nawakwi said President Hichilema has the phobia that is carried from the colonialists where people used to say inde bwana (yes boss).

She also fumed over allegations that she owed Development Bank of Zambia money.

“When it’s those European, Caucasian or Asian they think it is better than when it is pitch black… These are Mr inde bwanas. They closed DBZ, now they are scandalising us that we owe DBZ. I challenge his [Bank of Zambia governor Denny] Kalyalya to come out in the open and say how much I owe DBZ. Ma nonsense ine sinimayafuna (I don’t brook no nonsense),” she said. “And this was started by this mentally bankrupt [information minister Cornelius) Mweetwa. They are just good at creating stories. That is all.”

On the issue of Investrust Bank insolvency, Nawakwi said what is happening is a reflection of the highest levels of incompetence by President Hichilema.

“HH is an incompetent operator. He has never run anything of substance. Can you figure any company where you know this one, beyond Grant Thornton…?” she asked. “It’s not just about Investrust (Bank). It is many companies which were starting to run, which are being bankrupted like Zesco, Mpulungu Harbour … and yet Mpulungu Harbour is a gateway to 10 or so Great Lakes region countries. 16 of them and Hakainde is treating Mpulungu Harbour like it is Namwine Ranch.”

She charged that all that President Hichilema specialises in is lying.

“All he specialises in is lies. We told them that these continuous revisions of the capital requirement for banks under the so-called statutory reserve ratio, whatever the name is, is a recipe for bankruptcy. And the banks which can survive in this economy are those banks which are leveraged by the foreign banks,” said Nawakwi. “For example, the capital requirement to open a bank in this country used to be like $2 million, K10 million. Now, that K10 million is just about $400,000. That was the last national bank in our laps. The other one Atlas Mara was taken over by Access Bank, foreign operators from Nigeria. Because they only have to cash in like $400,000 and remit the reserve requirement.”


  1. This country is in big problems as long Hichilema remains in that position. If banks can close, how about small tuntembas!

  2. Jezebel has admitted owing DBZ money.

    Was this loan secured because of “special privilege” that can not be given to ordinary citizens? If this is the case, it was a risky contract. Is she servicing the loan? If not, she needs to be a responsible citizen and acknowledge the role that high risk clients like her pose to financial institutions like DBZ and CEEC.

    Hating HH will not service the loans. Let’s be responsible citizens and shoulder the consequences of our actions instead of playing the victim and blaming others.

  3. What a liar, finance bank was not taken over it was sold to Bank ABC T/A Atlas Mara. Furthermore, the minimum capital for a local and foreign bank is $20million and $100 million respectively and this has not changed in a long time. Anyway, let the barking dogs continue, it’s all they can do for now.

  4. Bitterness is a disease!
    It’s not a good thing to age with this type of Ailment!
    How can she say HE President Dr HH has failed to run anything of substance?
    Does Nawakwi know what it takes to be the Republican President and still be able to manage several businesses and Ranches successfully?
    Sima jelasi yonse aya?
    When you are over 50years of age, it’s time to let go of childish emotions and for a change, start aging with more grace and a great sense of humor!
    No grandchild wants to play with an old grumpy Fossil!
    HE President Dr HH is doing a great job of cleaning up the PF mess!
    There will always be casualties during clean-ups. Banks that were compromised by PF politicians and cronies will inevitably go under!
    It’s strange how politicians who are not credit worthy still want to seek public office today!
    How can Nawakwi and her husband Hammer Head Gumu Gumu Mumembe Fuledi still want power other than for the Kasaka Kandalama?
    How can ECL seek a comeback other than to protect his loot using power?
    He came into power. Today, he got richer and the country got shackled with debt! He prides himself in shoddy infrastructure which is already crambling and will need to be replaced in less than 20 years! We all saw how infrastructure was the only way to Miracle Money for PF!
    You don’t do development like that! It’s not sustainable to borrow beyond your means!
    It always leads to an economic pinch, a pinch Zambians are going through today!
    The beautiful thing is those with brains will be well off after this debt restructuring with enhanced business opportunities! Those who like complaining will remain behind like PF buttocks!

    • Simple question. Did HH not join and rise to become Managing Partner of Grant Thronton previously known as Coopers & Lybrand? Would a multinational allow an incompetent person run and manage an entity?
      Nawakwi is very shallow and we waste time entertaining people like her. The way we waste time with Tayali or Mmembe. They have only one job. To detract.


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