By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba

We wish to urge Zambians to be more analytical with some empty politics of PF surrogates. PF fortunes are dwindling, so they are desperate and can do anything, remember a desperate being is a loser.

We want to put it clearly that, all Zambians are benefiting from HH investments. He pays huge tax as an investor to ZRA and eventually the treasury basket. If Entrepreneurs like HH were not paying tax, the Economy was going to be the worst.

You don’t need a lecture from Oxford to make you understand that, most of PF sympathisers don’t pay tax at all. We shall give you a classical example of Defunct Post. Mmembe, because he was a sympathisor of PF never paid tax. The reason the Post flourished, it was made to close because they crossed paths with those who those aided it’s survival.

If you look at individuals like GBM it’s possible he is not paying tax because he is PF sympathiser. All those Cadres with huge sums of money in PF don’t pay tax, they use tax free money, mostly un banked money!

So when you hear someone say HH is stingy, tell them that HH is the one keeping their stomachs going because he is a huge tax payer in Zambia.

So we Challenge GBM to publish his tax returns, and set records that he is not stealing from Zambians.

PF is good at using People, especially those they find with incriminating evidence, they will use you to do dirty work and dump you, so don’t be stupid. We know of these former UPND supporters who have joined PF, have criminal cases which PF is using to hold them at ransom.. After Elections you will be on your own.

Zambians wise Up, for once!


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