HH is servant leader who takes the lowest seat at the Banquet Table – Nevers Mumba


HH is servant leader who takes the lowest seat at the Banquet Table – Nevers Mumba

  • He does not bellitle the Presidency by Commissioning sanitary project of flushable toilets.

As Bemba speaking people we are honored to have our Paramount Chief Chitimukulu honored to play the role of guest of honor at this year’s Kuomboka. We however advise that no politician should attempt to use the name of our traditional leader in their political fight against the Republican President. Chief Chitimukulu feels honored to be at the same event with his host His Majesty the Litunga and the President of the Republic of Zambia.

The President can visit any part of Zambia with or without a special invitation. President Hichilema should not think twice about both his right and obligation to attend events of national significance like the Kuomboka Ceremony.
He should not pay any attention to any politically inclined special groups trying to intimidate him out of attending the cultural event of the Lozi people of Barotseland. He is the President of the Sovereign Republic of Zambia of which Western Province is a part of.

The argument that the President should not attend the Kuomboka Ceremony because he has not been invited as Guest of Honor exposes the root of both ignorance and the nature of the current Zambian toxic politics.

The President cannot be a guest of honor for every event he attends. If the President attends our Victory Bible Church, he should do so because he wants to come and share in our worship. He needs no special invitation. He doesn’t have to come as a guest of honor.

The politicians who are raising this issue come from the old fading school of the all powerful, all controlling Presidency. This is a new season of a servant leader President. Who takes the lowest seat at the banquet as the scriptures teach us.

This is the same argument being raised by those claiming that President Hichilema is belittling the Presidency by Commissioning the sanitary project of flushable toilets. They believe he should only commission big shiny projects attended by the rich serving the interests mostly of the rich.

A new flushable toilet to a poor man in the compound who uses a dangerously built pit latrine is equivalent to commissioning a newly tarred road for those who drive. The president is a president of both the rich and the poor. Humility is to do those small things that mean much to those who need them.

Finally, to the police, we advise that you not be heavy handed in your quest to maintain order at this very important national event.

Let us celebrate this historic event under the umbrella of our national banner of “ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION.”


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