Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba

If you are expecting Hakainde to feel a sense of shame and resign then you don’t understand African politics, especially from a man who likes speaking of himself in plural like a god, Economic Front (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba has charged.

Speaking with Daily Revelation over the K9 increment in fuel prices since the UPND assumed office eight months ago, Kabimba said there were two schools of thought when analysing the performance of President Hichilema, one made up of his “praise singers” and the other made up of “reasonable people.”

“I heard Lackson Kazabu says that the economy was battered that you don’t expect HH to fix it in the blinking of an eye. If you want to patronise HH or if you want a favour or favours from HH, that is the argument you must put forward,” Kabimba said. “But if you want to be reasonable, the way some of us are, is that HH knew and accepted that PF had run down the economy and that it was in free fall. He defined that problem and said I’m the one who is capable of fixing this run down economy.”

Kabimba said some of the issues President Hichilema promised to immediately address on assuming office was that the Kwacha value would reduce to less than K10 against the US Dollar, that the pump price of fuel would be lowered, including lowering the price of mealie meal to K50 per 25Kg bag. He said President Hichilema also promised to end load shedding, and to lower the prices of essential commodities, including the price of fertilizer.

“Because of what he said they gave him the acronym ‘Bally shall fix it…there is Bally the Messiah who is going to fix everything that has been run down by PF’,” Kabimba said, but that now when he and the others tried to hold the President accountable “those that are in the podium singing for the emperor turn around and say the economy was run down. You can’t expect the man to fix it in seven months.”
Kabimba said President made the promises himself and there were videos and writings everywhere of the many promises he made, saying he gave himself benchmarks saying “immediately we are sworn in.”

“He likes speaking in plural like a God. He speaks in the trinity even when he’s alone. Even God the only time God spoke in the trinity was when he was creating man…I am surprised the Christian community has not picked up this. Why does Hakainde speak to the public in trinity as if he is a god?” Kabimba asked.

He said right now it was difficult to argue with “his praise singers” but that the time will come as the economy was melting right before their eyes.

“And that includes those of us that are holding HH accountable and all his praise singers. There is no price for me which is K26 and a pump price for his praise singers with a different price,” Kabimba said, and that the argument about months will soon turn to years.
He said those urging President Hichilema to resign were simply playing politics as there was no sense of shame among African politicians.

“If you are expecting Hakainde to feel that sense of shame then you don’t know politics in Africa. Even when he realizes that what he said was a lie, the man has never had the humility, remorsefulness of apologising to the Zambian public. So if you are expecting a man like that to say ‘I have failed’ and him calling for fresh elections then you are just politicking,” said Kabimba. “What will get Hakainde out is the people in 2026, the same way they got him in in 2021.” http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/dont-expect-hakainde-to-feel-a-sense-of-shame-african-politicians-have-no-sense-of-shame-charges-kabimba/


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