The Leadership Movement has asked President Hakainde Hichilema to apologize to the Catholic Bishops on behalf of the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) before the next national prayers for rains.

Party Secretary-General,Jairos Ngoma, said the call for Hichilema to apologise was based on the incident in which UPND party Secretary-General Batuke Imenda called the Archibishop of Lusaka a Lucifer

The Leadership Movement Secretary-General said this at a media briefing held in Lusaka on Saturday in response to the call for prayers for the rains.He said this should be done before the country held the prayers for rains as requested by Hichilema when he met the Clergy at Pamodzi Hotel.

“What is happening in the country is as a result of Hichilema and his cadres insulting people from the Church and those who give guidance on national issues,” Ngoma stated.

He further called on government to declare war against hunger in the country by increasing production in various sectors of the economy and avoiding heaping blame on the past administration.

Ngoma said government should also stop harassing people in brewing Kachasu in compounds.


  1. Prayers should go with deliberate actions to come to physical manifestation. Like investing in water harvesting programs during abundant rainfall seasons.

  2. Mr Ngoma’s request puzzles me. Does he understand the source or cause of the draught for him be sure of His solution? Is it the dispute between UPND and Catholic Bishop that caused this draught that NOT only affects Zambia but also other surrounding countries like Malawi. Should I believe that the utterances of Dr Alick – that caused the stand off, were NOT offensive to the recipients. They were not necessarily and unprovoked from UPND nor the president.
    I believe constructive criticism is necessary and people like diplomats, professionals and clergy etc should be good at it because they deal with people all the time. But why did the Catholic Church feel intitled to criticise but offended when the same is done to them yet they also make mistakes.. Is God NOT the same and considers SIN the same? Let me briefly explain my dilemma with this point.
    The Catholic always say their Pastoral letter should guide the political leader(s) morally. But what if the directive is wrong? The Pope is considered Holy and His directives correct yet some Bishops world wide differed with the pope’s directive with regards to sexuality issues. Who was inspired by God between the two groups? Does this God feel offended only when Catholics feel hurt BUT has no regard for other human beings on earth? I believe tying HH apology to prayers is childish because the draught and people deciding to pray to God should be seperate. BY THE WAY, EVEN SOME RAINS WERE EXPERIENCED without the apology and prayers. THE TWO ARE NOT RELATED!!!!!!!!! SIR. UNDERSTAND REALITY.

  3. Have you forgotten that President HH has always been blamed for drought even before he became president?
    So if he apologized then you think it will rain?
    The church should know better that these are last days as it is written in scriptures. When the scriptures say there will be hunger in many places, where do you think hunger will come from apart from drought and crop failure?
    It shall happen just as it is written!
    Every word will be fulfilled!
    Go read Matthew 24, the whole chapter.
    Also remember the parable of the 10 virgins, 5 wise and 5 foolish?
    If you don’t grow your crops with irrigation backup, you will be crying every farming season!
    It’s time to think outside the box!

  4. It was total lack of social intelligence for the UPND SG to refer to Bishop Banda as the Lucifer of Zambia.

    However, the drought has nothing to do with the altercation between the SG and the Bishop. It is a natural phenomenon and praying for rains should not depend on the government but the church. Why should the church wait for directives from the political leadership?

  5. You Jairos are nothing but a confused idiot who is an illiterate man. Rain is controlled by nature. You can pray or not nature is a determining factor. You are poor despite your prayers. Your stupid movement keeps loosing despite your prayers.

  6. This idiot is bringing into disrepute the name Jairos. When did the Catholic church support the rantings of this bishop satana? Foolish stupid pfidiot!!


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