HH needs to go to Chainama – Nawakwi


Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader
Edith Nawakwi says it is important that some people in the
United Party for National Development (UPND) government go for
check up at Chainama Hospital.

Nawakwi says, President Hichilema’s leadership is not of that a
normal person.

” Not even in a house where there are children you can treat
them the way he is treating the nationals.

“I think Doctor Tafuna and the team have a lot of Job to do at
Chainama,” Nawakwi said.

She says this is not President Hichilema’s country to treat
everyone the way he wants.

“Ni country ya anyoko (is this your mother’s country? This is
God’s and a country for all Zambians,” She said.

Nawakwi was commenting on the recent refusal of Patriotic Front
(PF) Member Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) to travel outside the
country by the Zambia Immigration Officers.

Yesterday GBM was blocked at Kenneth Kaunda International
Airport from flying out of the country.

GBM had an appointment with his Doctor in South Africa
scheduled for today April 12,2024.

He had confirmed the incident on his Facebook page.

“I have been refused exit at Kenneth Kaunda International
Airport to be attended to by the Doctor in South Africa,
despite the courts authority,”

“The Doctor will be out of hospital for 21 days from tomorrow,
therefore, if I’m not attended to tomorrow then my being
attended to, will delayed for a further 21 days.”

GBM is one of the former leaders who are in court facing
corruption charges and abuse of office when he served as
Defense Minister under the PF government.- Zambian Eye



  1. Stupid cow now taking chibeleshi to GBM, he’s not called Fat Albert for palibe. He likes eating. He’ll turn you into T-bone, spare ribs ala kulya nenshita ishaleko all becoz of your idiotic hate for HH7.

  2. The PF carders say Edgar Lungu brought development to hospitals etc yet their talisman wants to go out of the country to seek medical attention? With all the ululation about PF hospital development one would expect that medical attention is sought in Zambia but alas they all want to go out of the country. GBM said he had evidence of HH involvement in the stinking gassing saga the country experienced during PF he has to taste a dose of his own medicine.

  3. Madam, this address is with respect simply coz of the public platform I am on.
    But in all honesty it’s time you took a walk or a drive to Chainama Hospital and checked yourself in for some serious treatment. Ps make it long term treatment

  4. If GBM knew about his own medical appointment, he should have sought the court’s permission to travel. This is the right procedure if you have an ongoing criminal case with the courts. You just don’t appear at a border port with yowa chitummy. Immigration, as per their prescribed duty, will stop you and seek the advice of the court whether this travel episode was sanctioned. Don’t demonise HH for yowa own schyopedity in not following known procedures.

  5. This woman again. She doesn’t realize that actually it’s herself who needs chainama more than anybody else. Does she stay with anybody at all?

  6. This woman is so annoying and so stupid that she needs proper treatment. Otherwise shes a long seed to be planted in the society. Was she really born from sane parents i wonder.

    • I’m sure this old cow needs a thorough weeping to her back to senses. She cannot all the time be insulting a sitting Head of State like this. Are those cultural manners she was taught DURING HER PUBERTY OR DURING HER CHISUNGU??!! YOU CANNOT BE INSULTING YOUR OWN PRESIDENT IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY. NAWAKWI, ALL PERSONS ARE BORN FREE BUT IN CHAINS ALL THE TIME WHEN THEY ANTAGONIZE THE CONSTITUTION OR THE LAW. DON’T SAY YOU WERE NOT TOLD!!!

  7. Our honourable lady, do you ever reflect on the essence of whatever you say? When you are crafting your messages, are you ever considerate of what that message is aiming to achieve? What I see are emotional outbursts against an individual, probably cultivated out of bygone experience between the two individuals. How do these personal insults help the Zambian people? How do they elevate your political standing? These insults and mud throwing failed before the elections, what makes you think, they will work this time?
    There might be a lot of political ignorance among our people, but a lot more of our people want to see political players who are sober, measured, substantive in intellectual capacity and integrity, focused with clear ideas on how they can contribute to the development of the country.
    You had a reputation that was once envious, why are you throwing it down the drain? All that education and you are coming out as if you don’t know the standards of respectful behaviour? Tone down madam.

    • Excellent piece of advice regarding what is expected of leader. It is definitely unwise for Ms. Nawakwi to continue on this path.

  8. You not his cow, what are you going to benefit even if he went to Chainama? The same HH evacuated Kambwili to the same SA, why should he refuse Mwamba to go, the person who wants to go on his own? Are you his spokesperson? You are the same person who called Chiluba a thief when you differed, you are the same person who vowed that as long as you live, HH would not be the president. Now that he is the president, you are saying other things, is it not you who is supposed to go to Chainama? It’s you who have a problem and not HH. HH is the president and your perpetual attacks on him will not change anything, by perpetually attacking HH, you are just showing us that you are the one who has a mental problem. The President swears to uphold the constitution, why do you want him to breach the constitution just because it’s you or GBM going out of the country? No one is above the law

  9. Nawakwi is suffering from dementia. The woman is bitter and frustrated. The law in Zambia better become strong because all these people are doing in insulting the head of state defying the police etc is to see how far they can go. Zambia is becoming g a lawless state with these so called opposition.

  10. It is you Nawakwi ( men snipper) who is supposed to go to Chainama! It’s a known fact that you have no man friend since the death of your husband whom you snatched from another man. Your are suffering from “sinel absentia ” which means lacking a man in your life .

  11. Nawakwi you’re a untamed dog . You have no value in society, we have no respect for you. Please get lost. Bloody woman who has completely lost value for society.


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