Stardy Mwale
Stardy Mwale


FORMER ministry of defence permanent secretary Stardy Mwale says people should not blame President Hakainde Hichilema for the drought.

And Mwale says government should consider disbanding the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) and put up an institution that would curb deforestation.

Following President Hakainde Hichilema’s declaration that drought is now a national disaster and emergency, some members of the opposition blamed the Head of State for the crisis.

The Patriotic Front used social media to remind President Hichilema of how he castigated former president Edgar Lungu’s government during tough economic times.

But in an interview, Sunday, Mwale argued that just because the PF were blamed when things were not going well in the country doesn’t mean HH should be treated the same.


  1. The problem is not the drought. It is the lack of preparedness for drought. The problem is that Hakainde did not think about rainy day scenario and sold off all our maize for a rusted piece of nickel. His actions are on par with treason. It is high time that decisions that endanger lives should be treated as treason.

  2. The government has never worked to the people’s expectations,the same govt has struggled to supply fertilizer for over 30 yrs ,but nothing is being done to avoid such reoccurrence,I don’t know what zns do in Zambia??even govt institution like zns don’t do irrigation only depends on rains.I can’t blame HH or ecl or rupiah but the system is very bad.Invest money in zns for irrigation then hunger will disappear.

  3. Just as ECL was not responsible for climate change. But HH in opposition ridiculed ECL and told us the challenges of food supply Zambia faced in 2019 was because of lack of vision by the former leader. Fast forward 2024, HH comes across as the one who seriously lacks vision after selling off to foreign countries Zambia’ staple food reserves left behind by the PF.

    • Hakainde’s character is just rotten. They way he used to insult and abuse his predecessor was not good, given the fact that he is either now doing the same or worse in most cases. He is not a good person at all. He can fool those with cow brains, but me I sussed him out 3 months after he won ati uyu ni conman, a common scammer. Imagine my disappointment and anger that I had been conned.

  4. How possible is it for a person to hate another Human Being so much that you call him names daily? What is the price and value of the vote that you gave him, which I doubt you even voted for him? Certainly the current President has his own faults and they are many just like there have been past Presidents who were Dictators, Tyrants, Thieves, Womanisers, Headless Chickens, mention any vice in the Book that you know! All these daily useless and meaningless Stunts of labelling one another as either Praise Singers or fierce Critics are just Dog Fights

  5. He may not be responsible for the drought but he is responsible for poor Agriculture policies, chaotic input distribution, selling all the maize he found, high cost of farm input. He is solely responsible for poor planning.


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