HH promised Zambians a good life but he has given them a bad one- Harry Kalaba

Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba

Don’t trust UPND, they are not honest – Kalaba

By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone(The Mast)

HH promised Zambians a good life but he has given them a bad one, says Citizens First president Harry Kalaba.

He has urged the people of Southern Province not to trust the UPND saying the ruling party has betrayed them.

In an interview with The Mast, Kalaba, a former foreign affairs minister, said Citizens First has an opportunity to expose the UPND.

“HH promised the people a good life, he has given them a bad one. He promised a cheap dollar, he has given them an expensive dollar. He promised to reduce fuel but he has increased it. He promised cheap mealie meal but has given them expensive mealie meal,” he noted

Kalaba said he has embarked on party mobilisation especially in Southern Province so that the people can know his party and be ready for 2026.

Kalaba alleged that UPND leaders are building and buying mansions in Lusaka and not in Southern Province.

“My message to Southerners is atubelekele antoomwe (let’s work together). They must understand that the cost of living is also affecting them. It has not spared them. This is why we have taken time to be in this province to tell the people that when someone does not fulfill what they promised you, they are not honest,” he said. “Don’t trust the UPND. Don’t let them amass a lot wealth using you.”

Kalaba, who also attended mass at St Theresa Catholic Church last Sunday, said the UPND leaders are not sharing wealth with Southern Province voters.

“They are not sharing with the people of Mapatizya. They are not sharing with the people of Dundumwezi and Kazungula. Why then support people who are buying and building mansions in Lusaka and not Southern Province?” asked Kalaba.


  1. Yes absolutely he promised a good life, but only after cleaning the shit you, lungu and the rest of pf left. Apparently your class is indiyo who is very clever to ignore to cause to blame the remedy. Harry kalaba when he left the civil service did even have a spare bobasa, all what he has he stole togather like any pompwe fye.

  2. And what are you promising them yourself? Is it better than what HH is promised them? Ba Kalaba you are just another political failure and you can not be anywhere near hh’s achievements, you are by far not his match. If you can’t offer anything better than HH, then you are just making noise, you better give us a break.


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