HH RISKS BEING A ONE TERM PRESIDENT…he came with sweet talk and is full of rhetoric, says media guru Mambwe



…..he came with sweet talk and is full of rhetoric, says media guru Mambwe

Lusaka… Saturday March 30, 2024 (SMART EAGLES)

KBN TV Proprietor Kennedy Mambwe says if President Hakainde Hichilema is not careful, he will make history of becoming a first Zambian president to have ruled for a single term.

Speaking when he featured on the Conversation Podcast hosted by Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba, Mr Mambwe said President Hichilema came with sweet talk but two years down the line, the people have seen that he like rhetoric.

Mr Mambwe further said this is the first time he is seeing civil servants being flashed out of the system at every level.

“President Hichilema was voted into office with a huge landslide not regional but he was voted across the country. He came with sweet talk, he knows how to convince the people. He should stop being rhetoric! He is busy flashing people out of the civil service, this is the first time you see civil servants kicked out at every level,” he said.

“He is busy talking about the rule of law but the Zambia Police Service is doing the opposite. If he is not careful, he will be a one term president.”

Meanwhile, Mr Mambwe has described former President Edgar Lungu as a unifying factor as seen from the way he wants to unite the nation through UKA.

He said even though the Patriotic Front under both President Lungu and his predecessor Michael Chilufya Sata borrowed the money, the results can be seen by all.

“The money that the PF borrowed was invested in infrastructure. Look at the Airports, roads, hospitals and other infrastructure development. Even if we are paying a high price, at least we have somewhere to point at,” he added.

“Yes we are paying a high price because of the debt we contracted, but we can all see the results such as hospitals, airports, roads and other infrastructure development. President Lungu, just like late President Rupiah Banda, was handed down the presidency on the demise of the predecessor. He had the foundation that was laid for him. He came with a message that was has been misunderstood by many people when he said I have no vision of my own. What he was trying to say was that I am continuing on the journey that was started by my President,” he said.

“Many people called him names and demonized him saying he does not have a vision, they made it a campaign message that you are voting for a man who has no vision.”


  1. One term it is then, and fully deserved, if you ask me.

    Say no to conmanship.

    Say no to corruption.

    Say no to tribalism.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

    • You will again witness HH 2026 until 2031. He’s a current sober and upright leader not the chancers with no vision

    • Indigo Tryol f*ck you Zambia is not your mother’s farm to determine the presidency PF loser iwe styopeti. HH will certainly complete two terms with no hussle ba idiot imwe with too much tribal hatred. P*nyp pako again.

    • All of you, mwambwa, mabwe, mukwinwta are all PF caders. We watch you all the time you present your programs. Do not hide in the name of being owner of KBN. You have always been anti-UPND.
      Unfortunately, you have a long wait 2031 baba. Forget about the one term dream.

  2. A PF Cadre being called a media guru? He is very lack that UPND will not close his TV station the way PF closed prime TV. Meanwhile, let him continue campaigning for UKWA but let him be rest assured that HH will finish his 2 terms with ease. He has no shame as a media entity in failing to acknowledge the good environment in the media which his PF did not entertain. Does he even know at what costs the infrastructure was put up by PF? Five times the price and they shared the money! Look at the quality of the infrastructure! Contractors were paid money without doing the job ! Has Mr Mambwe heard about FTJ University.? He is a very unprofessional journalist who misses “tantameni”

  3. At least I cannot see any sweet talk with HH, what I see are fulfilled promises.
    Free education, employment of more than 40,000 civil servants in his first two years in power, freedom of speech which both the interviewer and interviewee are enjoying, the list of goodness is endless.

  4. I should emphasis that PF leaders and their supporters must repent for their evil attitude. Otherwise the worst humiliation will finish them completely if they choose to become arrogant and sturbon in promoting disunity in the country

  5. Idiot proprietor, whom I have never seen Now, if government decide to close ka. TV station kaaako you will start complaining again, if he loses celebrate that s your advantage why worry about his exit in power

  6. What wrong has President HH done that all plunderers from UKWA bag and PF, the thieves, robbers, killers and generally law breakers are all shouting on an until and even sending the same through their proxies in Parliament to say HH is a one term president and insulting

    1. Is it wrong for President HH to bring free education so that even those children coming from poor families who were unable to pay for their children can be educated. Is this very wrong sure, you just want your children to be educated so that you continue stealing even from the poor

    2. If President HH is employing the youths whose families will also benefit because one of their own has been employed. To you this is not good.

    3. Is it wrong for President HH to increase the CDF and giving it squarely to all constituencies without segregation, the CDF that has seen the increase in the construction of schools, health facilities, desks in classes and skills training bursaries for the children coming from poor

    3. Is it wrong for President HH to reduce the interest on loans for university students from 15%. percent which the PF-UKWA introduced and left it tat but HH and UPND has reduced it to 10%

    4. Is it wrong for President HH to rei-ntroduce meal allowances which PF removed completely from the poor students who were learning on empty stomachs.

    5. Is it wrong for President HH to effect the decentralised program that most of the previous governments has been failing to do.

    6. Is wrong for President HH to restore the rule of law and bring sanity in the country which had no regard of it and cadres of PF disrespected even the police men and women

    7. Is wrong for President HH to manage the debt which PF left and defaulted putting us Zambians and the Country into shame and not being trusted. by the global community.

    What wrong has he done that the crooks can mobilise and rise against him in such a manner- people with blood on their hands can continue talking evil on the hard working innocent President.
    All these criminals will fall and God will definitely punish them for deliberately doing wrong things knowingly.

    We know your is intentions. God Himself will deal with you despite all the provocations.

    Otherwise we know that the cost of living is high which the President knows and is working hard to make sure that this is done.

    This, which have actually come because of the same criminals who destroyed the economy. Shame on you UKWA BAG AND PIEFU

  7. Only a foolish nation will vote out a man not earning any salary but managing to unyoke the country out of a debt burden of $780million every year to only pay $75million per year!
    How ungrateful!
    And how gullible would such a people be to fall for the charms of devils who yorked them with such indebtedness to come back and undo the work done?
    It’s only a foolish nation that allows those who rob widows to become presidents, hoping they could spare a nation!

  8. It is foolishness and unreasonable to praise Edgar Chagwa Lungu that he brought development and that he was a unifying factor. It is under the reign of former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu that the rule of law and governance totally collapsed and broke down. He promoted tribalism and sidelined tribes from North Western, Western and Southern provinces.

    Edgar Chagwa Lungu ‘s rule was characterised with corruption, nepotism, bribery, thuggery, hooliganism. mismanagement and dictatoriship. Edgar Chagwa Lungu openly issued threats to the judiciary and shamefully declared that he would handover power to himself. In addition, he boasted that he would arrest HH immediately he is reelected. What good leader can have those evil thoughts?

    This is the leader who was determined ho eliminate HH. He mobilised the entire police force to go to harm HH in the night and teargassed every room in the house. A drunkard and careless leader who promoted anarchy and violence and distributed corrupt and stolen money to PF thugs.

    President Hikainde Hichilema can not be compared to a plunderer a lawyer who used to swindle his clients because greediness. He was suspended by the Law Association of Zambia because of his mischievous dishonest deeds.

    For your own information his Excellency President Hikainde Hichilema will rule for another term of 5 years. Mambwe ‘s predictions and rhetoric are utterances coming from a bitter soul full of hadred.

  9. HH has done so much. Honestly if you cannot acknowledge this then I put it down to jealousy. He gave us freedom of speach of which you and others of your calibre misuse. Which president ever in Zambia has been insulted like HH yet he does nothing? Stop using high cost of living as an excuse because if you read this inflation has hit the whole world.

  10. Looking around his face, you straight away tell that he is a bitter man hiding in journalism. Let hem be reminded that it was during Lungu that the economy went into negative. He has forgotten that prime TV was closed during Lungu. People were gassed and killed during Lungu! PF borrowed money for consumption and stealing and not for growth! So what’s this dog talking about? Just because he benefitted from “Tantameni “. He is z very dull media pretender. He is a PF Cadre hiding behind a fake TV station! Better cover Lusaka only not here in Northwestern province.

  11. I think i agree with most of the sentiments in most of the posts here. Reading between lines one clearly sees a combination of jealousy , hate, bitterness, desperation, even tribalism in this Mambwe man. The President has not told a single lie. No not even one. Truth be told, you cannot fulfil everything in a given period of time. Not especially when you inherit a decaying economy performing in negatives. They ignore all the milestones scored so far and highlight small dark spots not addressed yet. HH is up to the task . I agree with Laura Miti when she says comparing HH to Lungu is like comparing night to daylight. The two are far apart. We need the likes of HH longer in power if the country is to make any serious economic development. I submit.

  12. This is a hired Soul. Yes, this country is going through some economic challenges but we know the cause. We trust this leadership we will overcome and pull through. The same idiots crying this loud stole our monies. . We will definitely not allow HH to take us back to those dark PF days. Not again……


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