HH Should Apologize For Not Reducing Mealie Meal To K50 – Mundubile



Lusaka, Thursday (March 23, 2023)

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile says Ministry of Information and Media, Director – Spokesperson Thabo Kawana, is mocking Zambians over his statement that President Hakainde Hichilema never promised to reduce the price of mealie – meal to K50.

Mr. Mundubile who is also PF Presidential Candidate, said the promises President Hichilema made were well documented, especially reducing the price of mealie- meal to K50, fertiliser to K250, fuel to K12, among others.

“All these are well documented and with modern technology, it is easy for people to keep this information. President Hichilema’s voice regarding his promises is actually on people’s phones. For Kawana to say the President never promised is sad and I would advise him to keep away from that issue,” he said.

Mr. Mundubile said President Hichilema should simply face Zambians to explain the challenges he could be facing with regard to the fulfillment of his promises.

“He should be free to face Zambians to tell them how he can meet the promises in future rather than sending Kawana to go and mock citizens,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mundubile said Defence Minister Ambrose Lufuma’s advice to people to produce National Registration Cards (NRCs) when buying mealie-meal in Chililabombwe District on the Copperbelt, was saddening.

Mr. Mundubile said the last time such a thing happened was in the 1980s, adding that it was the saddest moment to take Zambians 40 years back.

“The New Dawn Administration should be sincere to address Zambians on what has gone wrong,” he said.

Mr. Mundubile said Members of Parliament raised concern regarding the export of maize but Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo Phiri assured the nation, through Parliament, that Zambia had enough maize stocks and Government continued exporting the grain.

He said the UPND Administration should admit that they made a mistake to allow maize exports now that stocks were low, which might result in the shortage of the staple food going forward.

“There is a better way of doing this than to subject Zambians to produce identity cards before accessing the staple food,” he said.


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