By Maiko Zulu

So I hear from Kalemba that President Hakainde Hichilema has been invited to Uganda. Here is my take:

I think the Zambian President should consider the fact that Uganda under Museveni does not represent the ideals of democracy, good governance and respect of the rule of law on the continent and going to bed with a regime that brutalizes its citizens including journalists and opposition politicians is as good as endorsing the atrocities being muted on the people of Uganda. Our President need only be reminded of what the opposition in Zambia went through barely 7 months down the line. Uganda is worse. Just ask the people in Kasese to start with.

Today, nations of the world including Zambia are up in arms against Putin of Russia yet we see nothing wrong with our own dictators on the continent. We might as well go and cement bilateral relations with Russia.

Going to bed with Kaguta is not only going to dent the image of Mr Hichilema as a leader but also that of the Zambian government which was voted for on the platform of democracy, rule of law and respect of human dignity.

The Zambian leader should just send me to go and sing #UgandaIsBleeding for his Ugandan counterpart, I will bring the change from the transport money.


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