…. like he did with former Luapula Province Minister Chilundika over the sugilite scandal, says Hon Kampyongo

Shiwang’andu District… Wednesday December 27, 2023 (SMART EAGLES)

Former Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo says President Hakainde Hichilema should have fired former Foreign Affairs Minister Hon Stanley Kakubo for allegedly engaging in corrupt practices like he swiftly did with former Luapula Province Minister Derrick Chilundika.

Hon Kampyongo wonders why President Hichilema could not act on Hon Kakubo like he did when Hon Chilundika was involved in the sugilite scandal and was fired instantly.

He claims this is not the first corruption scandal that the former Foreign Affairs Minister was involved in further wondering why he was being shielded by the Head of State.

Hon Kampyongo says if President Hichilema means well when it comes to the fight against corruption, the Head of State should have taken action when he was informed about Hon Kakubo’s engagement with the Chinese businessman.

The Shiwang’andu constituency PF Member of Parliament further says, Hon Kakubo is not the only minister who has been named in corrupt practices saying there are a lot of them.

Hon Kampyongo said this when he featured on Radio Delight Kwitonta morning programme via telephone.

“Let me tell you something Phiri (Harrison Phiri the moderator), these people in new dawn government have really victimized a lot of foreigners more especially Chinese nationals. Others are threatened with deportations and that’s why they are failing to speak. There is another MP from Sinazongwe who is in Chingola, he is accused of pocketing over US$60, 000 (about K1. 5 million) after promising a Chinese businessman to deliver a mining equipment. That’s why we are even witnessing these mine accidents on the Copperbelt because of corruption,” he said.

“Even if Kakubo has resigned, relevant authorities should follow up this matter to its logical conclusion. Kakubo should have been fired by President HH because this is a serious case. If they investigate well this matter, you may find that even Mines Minister Paul Kabuswe can be involved in this scandal. I said it Phiri on your platform that how can we have an international airport used as trading place for minerals? Huge sums of dollars were found at the airport in the planes, guns as well as gold. These people are dealers and one day we can just wake up and find that this country has been sold.”

He said even some senior officials at State House were involved in the gold scandal.

“You heard what Kabuswe said that it was copper and not gold. All those things, if the president meant well for this country, he should have fired a number of government officials at that moment. And now they have said the case will be heard in camera, then you can see that there is something wrong somewhere. Energy Minister Peter Kapala was involved in a fuel procurement scandal, what did the President do? Nothing! Health Minister Silvia Masebo was also allegedly involved in some corrupt scandal, still more the Head of State did nothing. Can you say President Hichilema is committed to fighting corruption?” he questioned.

He said what is disheartening is the fact that ministers are spared while some Permanent Secretaries and directors are the ones who get fired.

The former Home Affairs Minister also said the police have been brought back on the roads because the UPND have managed to sneak the items they wanted out of the country.


  1. Did Lungu ever fire you or any corrupt and illegal idiots who masqueraded as ministers when in fact not? The idiots are only appearing in courts now and will soon be counting steel bars in prison. That speaks to how you thieves are now pretending to know what corruption and theft is, when you practiced these the worst way this country has ever known. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. Why did lungu not fire u for instigating the killing of Nsama NSama . Today u there talking nonsense because of jealous. Let the investigation go on peacefully they don’t need your uncouth ideas Ba stupid

  3. Clap up Kampyongo. Rather tell us the truth about the gassing. You more than anyone knows it. Tell us about the big monstrous trucks you brought in for the police to fight against Zambians if you lost elections of which you did. We were not afraid and vowed we would not let your party get away with rigging like in 2016.

  4. The typical pfidiot arrogance on he’s pen, he used $42m of taxpayers money to buy fire tenders valued at $250,000 each meaning 168 should’ve been supplied. Only 42 were supplied and 126 fire tenders came in form of air. He wants to even talk abour Kakubo whose “dubious” transaction doesn’t involve taxpayers money. And he was not fired and still justifies supplying air and not fire tenders? Were did these idiots come from???


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