…I’m thankful with way he’s
started his presidency – Fr Sakala

By Christopher Miti

SAINT Anne’s Parish priest in Chipata Diocese Fr Christopher Sakala says he is thankful with the way President Hakainde Hichilema has started his leadership.

In his sermon during Palm Sunday, Fr Sakala said his prayer is that President Hichilema will not change his way of running government.

“I am thankful with the way President HH has started his presidency. We just hope and pray that he does not change. That lovely heart is good,” he said. “I see a number of young ones coming to the parish to certify their papers because government is employing health workers and teachers. That heart of wanting people to live well and do things well, let’s just hope he is not going to change.”

Fr Sakala said things are being done the way they are supposed to be.

“We hope he will also subsidise fuel so that our lives can be better off. We were complaining about drugs in hospitals but we hear people from Ministry of Health saying (minister Sylvia) Masebo sent drugs. That’s how things should be,” he said. “Leadership should be about sacrificing for the people. This is the example that our President is showing us. My appeal is that, let it not be like a campaign but should come from the heart so that such things continue.”

Fr Sakala urged the people to pray for leaders so that they do not change but continue fighting for the people.

“People should emulate Jesus Christ’s model of leadership. Jesus knew that where he was going in Jerusalem there were a lot of hardships such as death but he never retreated,” he said. “We pray for our leaders not to slide back. There could be a lot of attacks from people but we need to encourage him to continue doing that which is good to the general citizenry. Same, even us Christians we should not be discouraged when we go through difficulties.”

Fr Sakala said the suffering and the subsequent death of Jesus Christ is a clear testimony that even a person who has not done anything wrong also goes through sufferings.

“When we encounter difficulties, we should not be discouraged. We should maintain our trust in God. Let’s stick to Jesus and follow him with love. All the suffering that Christ was subjected to was not for nothing but because of his love for you and me,” said Fr Sakala.


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