HH THINKS HE IS THE MOST EDUCATED…he lectures Engineers, preaches to the Clergy forgetting he is a Layman – Antonio Mwanza

Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza


…he lectures Engineers, preaches to the Clergy forgetting he is a Layman – MOURINHO

Lusaka..Monday, March 4, 2024 ( Smart Eagles )

If you look at President Hakainde Sammy Hichilema, you can tell that in his mind, he believes that the hierarchy of this earth is God first, Jesus second and third its him, says Socialist Party (SP) Deputy General Secretary Antonio Mourinho Mwanza.

Quoting from the Holy Bible in the Book of James Chapter four, Mourinho said God opposes the proud and exalts the humble.

He, quoting Proverbs 29 verse 2 added that when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, “but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.”

Mr Mwanza lamented while addressing the media in Lusaka today that Zambian people are mourning right now.

“Insala, ichipowe, ubupina; people are mourning right now… a family of five in Lusaka needs K10,500 or K10,300 to survive. The question we ask ourselves is how many people in this country receive K10,000 as their income on a monthly basis? How much is a salary of a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, a Judge, a journalist?” he asked.

“How much is the capital of a woman at Munyaule Market? If you look at the salaries of civil servants, amidst high inflation rate, where the Kwacha has totally lost its value, and the things that we used to buy for K1000 now, if you go to shoperite or any other shop, ija yamene mwenzonyamula trollies nikunyamulila kumanja, ,muli K1,000. Ma light ya K500 yenzonkala mwenzi onse lelo ma light ya K500 ni two weeks yasila. Unga tenzo gula K130, tigula K350 and K850 in places like Milengi, where we were for the by election. We are in a crisis.”

He noted the President Hichilema’s call on other political players to work in collaboration with him to ensure that solutions are found to problems facing the general populace.

Mr Mwanza however disclosed that the Head of State is not being sincere in his call.

“The President of this country, President Sammy Hichilema was addressing the nation. And when he was addressing the nation to declare hunger as a national disaster, he called upon all the stakeholders to work together with him burry our political differences and to embrace each other for the good of Zambia. But the President is not being honest in his call because we as opposition have always asked the President to meet us, to discuss national issues affecting our people. But President Hakainde Sammy Hichilema has always refused to meet us,” he said.

“On 4th October 2023, 11 opposition political parties came together wrote to the President asking for a meeting. The President didn’t even have the courtesy of writing back. So when he says he wants us to work with him, what does he mean? He is the one who doesn’t want to work with others. He is the one who believes that only him knows everything. Because according to him he is the most intelligent Zambian.”

He noted that the President thinks he is the most educated man in the country.

“He knows everything. Even when he goes to meet technocrats, engineers, he is the one who lectures them on matters of engineering when himself is not an engineer,” he said.

“When he meets the clergy, he wants to preach the message to the clergy when himself is a layman. He is a man who is obsessed with himself and doesn’t want to take advice. He claims that we have not been advising him as opposition parties, the Socialist Party has been on record. If we advise President Hakainde Sammy Hichilema, he just goes to the page…”


  1. Well, we have seen him up close and personal.

    There is nothing in his head to write about. Nothing! That is why our economy is ailing. The only thing he is very good at is farming and privatisation of national assets. And promoting equal rights for all citizens, especially the LGBT community that is now thriving in Lusaka.

  2. You call the emeritus relic bishop and the satana bishop as clergy means you’re a lost Saul. A complete missed call of a stupid idiot

  3. To the contrary, HH is a very pragmatic and inspirational leaders. It’s only PF fools like you Antonio that think paper qualifications are everything. HH believes a modest education is good enough if you can use it effectively.
    HH was the best student at Birmingham University but did not proceed to do a PhD because he knew his Masters Degree was sufficient.
    So, where does your misplaced claim of HH thinking he is the most educated come from being? It surely comes from your envy, and jealous!
    HH is not like your leader Mmembe who collects certificate level foreign qualifications which later claims to be degrees. We know that Mmembe failed real tested professional qualifications like ACCA, CIMA, etc. We cant be fooled. Deal with your leader first and HH alone. Foolish big headed man.

  4. This is the imbecile who openly and shamelessly conspired to have HH killed in cells. Today he is still enjoying freedom with his intact member swinging from left to right, the member that he promised to cut of if HH wins. Why he is not in prison for conspiracy to murder beats me. Current government is too soft on these career criminals and mazafakaz who have zero leadership qualities and completely nothing to offer the people of Zambia except their empty stomachs and empty heads.


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