HH treatment of ECL will divide the nation – Chishala Kateka

Chishala kateka

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema is dividing the country by his continued attacks and maligning of his predecessor, former Edgar Lungu and should therefore regulate his bitterness and unite the country, Chishala Kateka has said.

Ms Kateka, the New Heritage Party (NHP) president is worried that the political trajectory tasken by President Hichilema of insulting ad disrespecting former President Lungu was only dividing the country.

Ms Kateka said the two leaders should know that they are the foremost opinion makers and influencers in the country.

she said if they indicate that they are enemies, then their followers will follow suit.

Ms Kateka said, most of their followers are young people already prone to violence as evidenced during youth day celebration.

Ms Kateka said, the former president owes the people, conduct and public engagement that is in keeping with the decorum of his office which is above all, non partisan.

She said, if he engaged in partisan politics, he will lose that privileged position and respect.

Ms Kateka said, Mr Lungu should at this time, be available to the state and the incumbent head of state.

She also said president Hichilema should desist from uttering abusive language against the former head of state.

She said, the way he conducted himself while in Kitwe at the upnd conference was uncalled for.- Daily Nation Zambia


  1. Which insults are you talking which we did not hear?stop issuing alarming statement you single woman no wonder you are not married.so what Edgar lungu is saying can not dividing the country chiwoman iwe?Sudan was once a one country therefore your dark meeting it won’t come as surprise.This issue of thinking that only us we can rule that is nosense Zambia is bigger than you single woman.

    • That’s all the Praise singers know. Insults and more Insults. They can’t engage in any meaningful discourse. How many single women are out there who support your Hakainde? Learn to have respect for other people. Ms Kateka raises important points which any reasonable person can appreciate. You think many Zambians were happy with HH’s Insulting language on ECL? Only a sick mind appreciates Insults on Elders, fathers and Mothers..and many Zambians don’t have sick minds.

      • What was insulting about HH statement. The same ECL you’re worshipping when commissioning one of the flyover bridges said Utupuba tule talika. It was not an insult then. Just own up ECLs conducts have been very divisive and he needed to be checked.


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