…this is not an internal PF issue, Dr M’membe comments on the expulsion of 9 PF MPs

Lusaka, Wednesday, December 6, 2023 (Smart Eagles)

Socialist Party (SP) president Fred M’membe has lamented that President Hakainde Hichilema is destroying the country.

This comes after the expulsion of nine Patriotic Front (PF) MPs by the Miles Sampa camp.

Addressing the media today, the opposition leader enlightened Zambians that the Head of State is behind the ordeal with intentions of manipulating the Republican Constitution.

“It is not an internal matter of the PF. It is an issue of very serious national consequences. It is not about Mr Miles, it is about Mr Hakainde Hichilema wanting to obtain the majority in Parliament that he failed to obtain through normal elections,” he argued.

“The purpose of that is to give himself a majority in parliament that he needed to make constitutional changes, to make amendments to our constitution. He wants to effect changes to the constitution to perpetuate his rule, to entrench his corrupt regime power for a long time.”

Dr M’membe observed that Zambians have been very consistent on the constitutional issues.

He added that Zambians have never allowed the constitution to be manipulated easily.

“That is what is behind this. It is not about the PF. Its about his own personal rule. We cannot accept this as a country, we must not accept this as a people. This will be the beginning of the destruction of this country,” he said.

“Zambian people have resisted any effort to manipulate the constitution. They resisted it under the PF, Mr Hakainde himself and his team resisted that on Bill 10. We should resist it the same way. Why does he want to change the Constitution? He wants to ensure that he stays in office much longer. He wants to increase the term from five years to seven years. He wants to remove the 50 plus one clause, so that there is no rerun. He wants to remove a running mate so that he can appoint a vice president of his choice. These are some of the fundamental things he wants to change the constitution for.”

He said the Head of State wants the number of MPs from the opposition to drop down so that automatically they have a two third majority in Parliament.

Dr M’membe explained that such a development would enable them effect the changes they want.

“This is not acceptable. We cannot continue on this path. Mr Hichilema is destroying this country. He has failed to deliver what he promised in terms of economic benefits. Now he wants to butcher the Constitution of this country, to protect himself from his failures. This must not be accepted,” he said.

“And it may not stop at the nine that have been removed. They may continue to remove more people. And in fact, those who remain also will be intimidated into supporting or tolerating what he wants to do.”

The SP leader warned Zambians that President Hichilema has no restraint on what he wants to do.

“If we allow Mr Hichilema to take this path the country will be destroyed for a very long time. A very dangerous precedence is being set. We know he won’t stop easily unless you the Zambian people stop him,” he said.


  1. Look Fred M’membe, it’s hard for informed people to believe you. The presidential running mate clause, for example, came after the bitter experience of having to hold costly presidential elections after the death in office of Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata. So which Zambian will accept the lies you’re peddling? Take it easy, Dr M’membe. You’re a senior citizen and also well-read. Let it show from the politics you practise.

  2. Our brother is in panic mode and under pressure due to old age. He sees 2026 as his only “dog’s chance” to become President of Zambia because in 2031 he will be too old and senile (although this is already showing) to be ZED Presido. This explains his daily tantrums, anyone who cares can see that, very evident!

  3. Does the president alone make the changes or changes to the constitution are done in parliament with a 3/4 majority! Members of parliament who are in parliament will debate and vote like they did when they rejected Bill 10. Stop your fake news which doesn’t help anyone. You don’t have any MP in parliament to vote it down. If he wanted to do it the way you’re insuinating he would do it that way if he so wished. He is better than the entire opposition collective in more than a million times! That’s why you’re so reliant on fake news. Are you the cockroach Lungu was referring to?

  4. The running mate clause was well thought after costly by elections and it can not be changed just like that, so on this your fears are not justified, in regards to what is happening in PF, if leaders in OF are politicians they have to read what is happening before it happens, to some extent they caused their own problems and if the rulling party has taken advantage , it is entirely PF’s fault. The job of the rulling party is to become strong by weakening it’s opponents when chance allows, so PF should fight for it’s own survival, crying out loud won’t help, they have to strategies is they are politicians

    • @Samlonda….. Very 100% correct. Ba Lungu has come to know that he is the causer of the CONFUSION IN PF and UPND just took advantage and pressed GEAR 10

  5. Thou shall not put the Zambian people in to temptation. Its 5 years, if a president wastes his time by beating about the bush, well, that is their business. Experience so far is suggesting that for some leaders even 5 years is too much as the damage the cause in few years is almost inrepairable but we respect the constitution.

  6. Dr. M’membe is showing shocking levels of lack of integrity. He is rivaling Mr. Mwamba in telling half truths and outright lies.

    Slow down ba M’membe and cease fire on HH this and HH that. It is getting to be boring and even when you tell the truth, we will likely ignore you, assuming it is your usual tantrums.

  7. Afuledi, pf has said ecl will support a cockroach or mouse (opposition) that will challenge HH7 in 2026 and you haven’t distanced yourself from this statement. And all you do is give half truths, misinform or just lie about HH7 and UPND. Get members in Parliament and balance things there not barking aimlessly nge mbwa!

    Please note that we Zambians do and will not listen to or support cockroaches or ba koswe!

  8. Hichilema must be stopped at all costs. He was not there when rejected one party system of Kenneth Kaunda. At all costs we shall not allow him to change the RepuBlican constitution. Even those people and Institutions he’s using to carry out his manipulations are very greedy, they forget that it’s the future of their children and thE children of their children they are playing with! However , God does not allow greediness, and all evil, he has a way he removes all evil people.

  9. That is why i support that commedian who said some learned people are useless as compared to the unlearned ones,m’membe is busy hallucinating instead of convincing Zambians on what he can do in order to solve the problems which the country is facing now,the idiot is busy preaching to the people with the message of death instead of internal life that is the reason he cannot even file in a candidate whenever there is a by elections, because his ponographic party is doomed

  10. Thank you Mr Membe the spokesperson for HH for misleading the nation but no thank you STUPID IDIOT Membe and all your fellow idiots who believe in lies and illusions.

    Only stupid idiots believe rumors created in the tiny brain of an idiot who pretends to be educated but not learned. All the idiot is doing is to try and incite Zambians to revolt, snd when he is arrested, the idiot cries wolf wolf shrinking space what what. STUPID IDIOT shut up and sit down.

  11. HH like Chiluba, he has remained mute on the 7 years term and other changes to the constitution. Let him open his mouth and speak. He is a very cunning and sly character.

    • That is how conmen behave.

      He is gauging public opinion.

      Trouble is that his praise singers are not condemning these schemes by this fraudster.

  12. Silence is golden. We leave the prattle for feather heads and noise makers like Fred. Stop assuming if there are to be changes they will be brought out. Fred is obsessed with HH.


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