HH will impose himself on Zambians if he loses the 2026 election- Mumbi Phiri


HH will impose himself on Zambians-Mumbi

MUMBI Phiri says President Hakainde Hichilema will impose himself on Zambians if he loses the 2026 election.

Ms Phiri said that the signs are clear that Mr Hichilema would force himself on Zambians should he loses the 2026 election


  1. Unless you are Mai Busa, olo a prophetess, this is guess work and wild speculation fueled by bitterness and anguish. Just admit that Lungu has mislead you into the political wilderness and you have gone down on record as the worst bunch of leaders Zambia ever had. Just go and raise chickens.

  2. Madam phiri, surely do you think, even if there are some people whom you used to give hand outs and still giving them stollen money to just destabilise the good works and leadership of this government because of the stollen cash, that you as PF and your associates store from the government do you still think all will go back to the evil gassing PF of Lingus again. I really not approve of that inder so whatever and in the great name of the Almighty God our saviour, I and we refuse to see the crooks in the corridors of power again. NEVER, NEVER AGAIN. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN and IT DHALL NOT BE SO. ABSOLUTELY NO.

    Let me show you this, first ( some comperison

    1. Lungus PF dishing out stollen money in the dark and without shame to the less privileged to buy them chibuku and other for a short while.

    1. HHs UPND giving citizens – children free education, paying for youths skills trainings, giving loans and bursaries including meal allowances which PF removed an investment and empowerment for the youths to stand on their own for a long time to come

    2. Lungus PF leashed cadres to anyone wearing red because they perceived or thought all in red articles were UPND members, they store from the council, revenues by letting their cadres to collect the markert and bus station levies for personal use and their party big wig officials whole the council workers were going without giving the councils who are by law suppose to do so . Day light stealing without fear and respect of the law but illegally doing so in the presence of their kasaka kandalama president.
    1. HHs UPND did and has abolished hooliganism from cadres from attacking anyone who wears any party regalia as all are one in the Country called Zambia and has restored rule of law where the law is being respected while those who go against the law are on their own and are being arrested despite being their own party members if they go against the law. They have also given back powers to the Council’s to start collecting revenue from the bus stations and markets hence the local Councils having enough revenue to pay their employees and do some other services required of them in the communities.
    3. Lingus PF Careless borrowing including the Eurobond kaloba and failing to negotiate for good payment terms hence defaulting.
    3. HHs UPND had and has managed to negotiate for good payment terms with Eurobond kaloba holders and reduced even the debt mountain hence giving room to government to do other things for the nation by using the saved monies to buy desks, build schools and mother’s shelters, employ teachers, health workers etc etc.

    4. Lingus PF was full of regionalism and segregation of certain people because of their Sir names and tribe and in the process those in government retiring them in national interest or denying them certain preveragies as citizens.
    4. HHs UPND has embraced the real One Zambia One Nation motto by getting everyone on board especially in employment where this preveragies has even been take down to districts in each province, he has brought unity and dignity in the country though these PF thugs are trying by all means to destabilise the nation but the hand of God is on us and HIS mercies are always fresh and Amen all the time in Christ JESUS’S name. Things are happening through the able leadership of HH and his powerful cabinet.

    6. Lingus PF got fuel and maize on credit without even paying the supplies leaving a debt of US$750 Million for fuel and millions of kwachas to farmers without shame they made these peoples business to cripple and cared not.
    5. HHs UPND has and is paying out all these affected supplies of fuel and owners of maize – the farmers

    The line is long .

    Now with these comparisons despite the high cost of leaving especially in transport and meal mill which I know they are working around the clock to stabilize.why should I and other well meaning Zambians be blinded by these evil snakes that have killed their own people, and have stollen from vulnerable Zambias to come to cheat and waste time to listen to them? It will not happen, and will never happen. Better to thank someone who will pay for my children for their school fees and other while I also as a parent given time to go for and to work, and also do farming so that I can also produce more for my family to eat while my children’s future is known, secured and with good results in or at school, they will keep themselves in future even when I am not there – that is one of the best equaliser, best empowerment for that matter. By working hard, be it at the farm, or anywhere they will not live on berging or leaving on berging which is not sustainable, but they will work and stand on their own.Hence for me and my household, I will vote for HH and UPND. They know what they are doing, are working and have the heart of the Nation than these crooks. Never will thieves and robbers come closer to the corridors of power and start again to openly steal. NO NO it will not happen again and shall not be so.

    The hand of God is UPON us and HH and will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.


  3. BA mumbi phiri, you should impose yourself on on Addis Ababa street.
    You come from there you damn ugly mahule.
    A PF and ecl bed warmer.
    Even baboons can dream

  4. Hatred is blinding you!
    The only ones who are complaining are the lazy ones who got so spoiled with free stolen money under PF!
    Mu New Dawn kubombesha!
    Our President Dr HH is doing a fantastic job of cleaning the PF mess!
    He is the right person this country needed during this time when global inflation is going off the rails!
    Those of our people who don’t travel a lot think things are only getting expensive in Zambia.
    Inflation is trending upwards globally!
    My niece in the USA was complaining that $50 used to be enough in 2023 to take the family to dine out. Now she needs $200 to enjoy the same.
    A friend in UK who has lived there for years is thinking of coming back to Zambia due to the escalating cost of living.
    What people don’t ask is why things are getting expensive!
    Wars and Rumors of war!
    Donald J Trump had opportunities to start wars during his time as President but he has this conviction that any major war anywhere in the world is not good for the global economy!
    The reality is he is outnumbered by war mongers who make their living from sale of weapons! The trend will continue leaning towards wars and more wars!
    Soon, you will realize that living a lie of having to buy everything you need is indeed foolish!
    Hard times will always hit the lazy and unwise ones the hardest!
    If you don’t produce anything at close to Zero Dollars, you are in serious trouble! If you can’t grow your own food organically, you are in for more pain!
    If the Supermarket is the main source of your livelihood, you should expect your money to continue buying less!
    This is the illusive economy the colonizers were happy to give us!
    Africa was self-sufficient in everything before the coming of external influence. There were no beggars in Africa. Everyone understood the value of hard work!
    The African market place was one ethical market where honest trade took place!
    Today, we have many conmen calling themselves businessmen.
    They order something at unit price of One Dollar from China and sell it in Africa at $50 Dollars!
    This is not ethical business! That is stealing! And this is the aspect of greed that continues to contribute to the ever rising inflation in our African countries! We need to keep greed in check!
    We should not allow the pernicious PF greed to show it’s ugly head again!
    We will continue helping UPND and it’s Alliance partners to remain focused and continue doing the right things for the country!
    There is currently no credible opposition to pose any fatal threat come 2026!
    It’s Chembela till 2031, then Nalumango will take over as the first female President of Zambia! Thereafter, the young Gary can have his turn!
    Let the opposition continue consoling themselves with noise!

  5. Josephine Mumbi Phiri has never apologised to Obvious Mwaliteta for getting him incarcerated in remand prison on trumped up charges as he was trying to ensure that the 2016 election was not rigged. Edgar Lungu as President of Zambia even visited the prison to see Mwaliteta languishing there.


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