*Treatment against President HH by some Northern Province Chiefs is nothing but water off the Duck’s Back. How can Sunday Chanda and GBM hallucinate and Chiefs resonate?*

_James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku RPP President_

The Chitimukulu and another reported Chief refused to meet President HH on 14th September, 2020.

Purpotedly, Alliance Partners of President HH insulted the Chitimukulu.

Which Alliance Partner insulted the Chitimukulu? The Chitimukulu told Edgar Lungu Lukuku issued insulting remarks in a statement.

I James Lukuku have never issued any Statement in the name of the Alliance about the Chitimukulu. Never and not even a single Statement. Everything I wrote about the Chitimukulu I wrote as my self in capacity as RPP President.

GBM and Sunday Chanda held a press briefing under the Smart Eagles platform. They told the nation a lie that I worked under instruction from President HH to issue disparaging remarks against the chief. Daily Nation New paper exaggerated the lie, magnified it, and the Chitimukulu picked it from there.

*How does President HH come in?*
It’s all witch hunt. It’s all funded, sponsored and financed tribalism, and it’s totally witchcraft mentality. What’s at play is propaganda and mortal hatred.

Over my dead body!

*What really happened?*
The Chitimukulu featured on Radio Mano and announced his intentions to formulate a civil society with aims and objectives centred on voter education to deal with voter apathy. The way the Chitimukulu presented himself sounded to many, as hate speech against Tonga People of Southern Province. A cross section of Zambian citizens condemned the Chitimukulu for going partisan.

*My point blank response.*
Yes my response was point blank and I openly condemned the chief.

*Way forward.*
President HH will never walk alone. There is absolutely no need for President HH to apologise for sentiments and actions he never did. I am not the Spokesperson of President HH and neither am I a member of the Upnd. I must repeat, it’s witchcraft mentality for the PF to insist on getting an apology from President HH.

Let God protect President HH. These are just Malawian foreigners asking for our submission before them. Otherwise in my own country I can’t submit to a person of questionable nationality.

Zambians will have to judge for themselves if there is anything that President HH has done to deserve the ridicule and humiliation from those chiefs that refused to meet him.

Let us not forget the real power of statehouse envelops that the PF have always used to compromise chiefs and gain favour.

God bless President HH. Forces of darkness will never subdue light.

*James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku RPP President*


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