11 Juluy 2020


As we draw near 2021 elections there will be too many people insulting and abusing HH verbally. As UPND we want to state that HH will never respond to any toxic statements, allegations and insults coming from anyone. The aim of such people is to derail HH and UPND. HH and the UPND are busy finding solutions to the many challenges Zambians are facing now. HH cannot betray Zambians for the confidence they have shown in him by engaging in petty tribal politics. HH is above tribal politics. HH and the UPND will remain focused until the Zambian people are liberated from the high poverty levels.

We know where this bitterness for HH is coming from. HH and the UPND have gained so much popularity over time and this is causing sleepless nights for PF and its surrogates. People of Zambia are holding PF responsible for the misery they are going through and have since resolved to kick out the entire PF regime. PF is trying to clean itself by dragging HH in their vomit. We are not going to risk the name of HH to be used by responding to failures.

At one time two villages were at loggerheads, it happened that one village had a very sick Chief. The medicinal tree was in the other village; however, instead of asking for help they started insulting the other village. This culminated into throwing all sorts of things at each other across the river. In anger the village that had the medicinal tree threw a branch at the other village. This brought the war to an end, the warmonger village got what they wanted. Quickly, they prepared the medicine which brought their dying Chief back to life.

This is what PF wants from HH. PF knows too well that HH and the UPND have the votes, deliberately they are starting a war with HH in order to heal their ailing Party. PF wants HH and UPND to throw votes at them in anger. PF knows too well that Zambians are fed up with them. How come people who openly insult HH are not condemned for such barbaric behavior. We understand that FULWE PAKUFWA ELYO APASA UMULILO.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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