‘HH will reduce trips due to ECL’s come back’


HH Expected To Reduce Trips:

‘HH will reduce trips due to ECL’s come back’

Economist George N Mtonga says President Hakainde Hichilema is expected to reduce on his trips and he writes;

I analyze politics, and in this process I look at premises.

If you want to know if UPND leadership doesn’t consider ECL entering active politics a threat look at the trips outside the country HH will take the first year of ECL being active and compare that to before.

I bet you money if ECL becomes active in politics and starts showing up to campaign for his politicians, the trips HH will be taking will reduce. Just observe this, for those of you who think ECL is not a threat.

Again, I consider ECL a threat because I know for a fact the people that made us win 2021 didn’t come from our base. They came from his base. Meaning that our advanced margins in copperbelt and eastern province voted for PF in 2016 and turned around and voted AGAINST PF in 2026 and not for UPND.

Our base alone even at 90% of all total votes cast in south, western and North western can never win us an election. We need Northerners and Easterners to defect. Always!! And we need to make sure we get 40% above in Lusaka and copperbelt.

So yes, I do consider ECL as a threat because the people that helped us win 2021 elections voted against PF and not for UPND. And they may have changed their minds by 2026.

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  1. Very right they will even start being serious they grow arrogant within a short period of time,they need ECL to remind them how he left the prices of many commodities n how they are now.free education yes a good thing but needs improvement why?bcoz passing rates are going dawn,bombeni bane that’s all we want from you

  2. Oh yes let it be like that. My bally HH will reduce his trips to fix properly the economy and challenges the country is facing so that pf should not have it easy. This is new dawn no lawlessness.

  3. I agree that this idiot is an economist, he is economical with thw truth. Lungu will soon be traversing from one court to another until he finally gets to prison, for all the atrocities he committed in the seven years he masqueraded as president, and this idiot economically hides the truth and sees Lungu as a check and a balance himself? Utter rubbish. STUPID IDIOT.


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