Socialist Party President Fred M’membe has addressed the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema over his persistent failure to win elections for five times.

M’membe was responding to a complaint by a UPND official who called on Hot FM over the Socialist Party billboard which has irked Hichilema and his followers. On an interview, HH complained that he was being attacked by M’membe and went on to accuse the Socialist Party was a surrogate of the ruling party.

M’membe says he does not hate HH but that the billboard which tells Zambians not to trust a person who has lost five times is not a false thing. He explained that there is another billboard which talks about PF’s failure to put more money in people’s pockets as per their promise but the ruling party has not made it an issue.

The Socialist Party leader went on to swear that HH will not manage to beat his party in Western, Central, North-Western and Southern Province adding that he has spent three years in these provinces dismantling Hichilema.

Further, M’membe also took time to explain that UPND has never won an election against PF and that is a fact. He has debunked claims that he is attacking HH adding that he is attacking the ideologies of the UPND and the failure of Hichilema to win elections five times.

M’membe has described HH as an expert of losing who has failed to beat PF for five times and Edgar Lungu two times.
The Socialist Party leader has also said that HH has been claiming he is winning elections since getting to the leadership of his party but that has always ended in tears. He has predicted that HH cannot win the August polls no matter what he does.


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