I have all the hope. People are being unfair to judge HH7 when he has not done even a 1/4 of his 5year term.
History has taught how everyone laughed at Mwanawasa just to start praising him at the end. Just look at the good that HH7 has done.
To me the freedom everyone is enjoying is the greatest measure of success. Just imagine how people were being beaten in broad day light as people watched in fear!

The CDF money that has taken our youths into skills centres. The boarding fees from CDF that is helping kids in Secondary school. This is real here in Constituencies. Those who value school and skills training are getting scholarships.
The fuel issue is not of his making. It is a world issue. Show me any single country in Africa or the world over where fuel is less than US$1.4 per litre pump price unsubsidized.

Part of the money that was being used to subsidize fuel has gone to CDF and the benefit has spread to a school child who does not drive.
Look at the teachers who are being employed without corruption! Do you know that PF Cadres got filthy rich charging innocent souls to get a job, some girls were even being molested being promised jobs which they never even got!

The Zambian Constitution was drafted by people who knew that for a person to be judged as having failed or succeeded as president in office, a term of 5 years is required at least. But we hear even learned people, including those who are in a Law making body, saying HH7 has failed. What kind of hurt & hate speech is this???

My sincere appeal to all those that have so early started judging HH7 in just less than 8 months of his 60 months is that please, let HH7 drive for the 60 month journey that the mandated Zambian voters gave him. You are free to kick him out on Thursday, 13th August 2026. Remember, HH7 said he will raise the bar and so far I have no reason to doubt him.

Hon. Kidson Katunta

Practicing Political Scientist
Friday, 8th April 2022.


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