HH’s trips are beneficial, some PSs travel to just earn allowances – Imenda

UPND Deputy Secretary General Gertrude Imenda

HH’s trips are beneficial, some PSs travel to just earn allowances – Imenda

By Angela Muchinshi
UPND Deputy Secretary General Gertrude Imenda says people should not compare the President’s trips to the ones undertaken by Permanent Secretaries because some civil servants only travel to earn allowances.

Last week, President Hakainde Hichilema said Permanent Secretaries should not prioritise traveling every week.

But former PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri argued that the President could not condemn his Permanent Secretaries for traveling when he also enjoyed it.

Commenting on Phiri’s remarks in an interview, Monday, Imenda wondered what benefits the Permanent Secretaries’ trips brought to the table compared to the President’s.

“They shouldn’t compare his travels. If a permanent secretary is going to travel to I don’t know where, what is he bringing on the table at the end of that trip? Because a permanent secretary just wants to go and attend whatever [and] come back…


  1. Some Party leaders should be asked never to commebt as each time they say something. Its like no thought was put to the statement.
    You are a Politician Madam, no a Civil Servant. Let someone from the Civil Service critic Civil Servants. Permanent Secretaries are Civil servannts. Sadly, even some of them when the comment on an issue for get their role and speak like Party officials.

  2. Here is a bootlicker trying to show her loyalty at the expense of maladminstration.
    Here is a woman who doesnt know what she wants to talk about so she can be seen by her President as a loyal supporter. A permananent Secretary’s travel is technically more beneficial than the President’s. He is the one who runs a ministry and therefore can know what to negotiate for when he travels. The president is a political figure whose involvement in procurement is macro. The Ps’s focus is naturally micro and that is how a government needs to work. However now you have politically appointed PSs and as a result they dont know their civil service roles. They only know their political role which is bound to be skewed towards the ruling party’s idolatory

  3. HH has full time public relations officers who should be answering such issuing of statements. Stop being overzealous parry cadres that want to blow state house ‘s trumpet

  4. Why are you so negative. Every time you comment on something you are cynical and offensive. Do you think PSes are foolish, uneducated, greedy or stupid. Remember the pses lot are the engine of government without them your party policies cannot be achieved. Please Getrude behave like a mature educated person
    Your are 70+ years old with a master’s degree so we expect well thought out and fair comments from you.Be your age. Thank you.


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