Dr. Fred M'membe


It’s very difficult to conceive of a multiparty political dispensation where only one political party and its leaders are allowed to have rallies, meetings, press briefings, and visits of its structures at will and without hindrance.

Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his party, the UPND, are today enjoying unfettered exercise of their freedoms of assembly, association, expression, and speech at the exclusion of the opposition and all others.

The public order Act and other related laws don’t seem to apply to them at all.

And on everything else, Mr Hichilema is a shameless blame shifter.

Seeking to exercise our constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human rights is not the pursuit of politics of confrontation or insolence.

We know very well that when they were in opposition, they were partially denied these rights. But it shouldn’t be a matter of revenge. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will leave them blind and snaggletoothed.

If they’re mature politicians, they’ve got to break the cycle of abuses and mistreatment of political opponents.

Without a doubt, Mr Hichilema and the UPND endured a lot of injustice, and the nation aligned in sympathy for them, but they have squandered that goodwill. They have messed this up!

Mr Hichilema seems to be a one-string guitar. The only tool he has is a hammer, and he doesn’t seem to understand the need for tolerance, self- limitation, and modesty. Anything he sees in front of him, no matter how small or insignificant, he has to pound it down with full force.

But this approach is very destructive and dangerous. This he must be mindful of and not be excited with power recklessly.

We have repeatedly warned that this country will not be a good place for any of us to live in if it’s not a good place for all of us to live in.

When fundamental rights and freedoms are denied, they are always fought for. This is the reality Mr Hichilema and his corrupt puppet regime must be ready for!

We shall fearlessly defend our liberties, human dignity, and rights.

We will not allow Mr Hichilema to use power and privilege to constrain our efforts and existence in this country to maintain the status quo.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. You mean you have no other issues apart from HH? What do you people to do with HH? Hating him is out because you are doing daily free campaigns for him. May be you need new strategies otherwise this cheap propaganda mingled with tribalism, jealous, bitterness and hatred is not working for you. A one stringed guitar is melodiously sounding far much better than your many stringed one.

  2. Quite clearly Mr. Mmembe has nothing else to focus on than President HH.

    Trust me, this is a complete waste of time and energy; it is adding no value to the Socialist Party.

  3. You may write thousands even millions of voluminous articles denigrating HH and his government. As long as you do not provide solutions to the current economic challenges forget about winning 2026 elections. People want solutions not Marxist revllutionary rhetorics.

    • This man is hopeless if not desperate or simply selfish. And moreover he cant be the president looking at our current political environment where people or erectorate have realised that politicians seek public office simply to enrich themselves.
      But for Mmembe its too late as at now because he has to sell out himself thoroughly through out for him to become popular instead of just writing long massages on social media and just focusing to seek popularity from only Lusaka and copperbelt, and it has to take almost ten years him for him to become popular. Now lookin at his age already 67 years, patali, he will be outdated irrelevant

  4. With all his Journalism experience, Fred has not learned that hate speech never won anyone elections in Zambia?
    HH only won elections after changing strategy! Remember the 10 point plan?
    Same with ba Sata. He stopped playing Cabbage on LPM and started communicating with the masses! Remember the more money in the pockets package?
    Zambians respond well to politicians who articulate clear plans to better the country!
    Zambians shun bitter angry politicians who can only articulate their hatred for a political opponent!
    That is BAD politics ba Fred!
    Your political messages should preach peace and not bitterness and hatred!
    Yours is now a broken record and no one listening to your bitterness any more!
    You started off very well with focus on ideological arguments, issue based politics but you have fast lost focus and now shooting in indiscriminately! Your recent associations with ECL really put your supporters off and you really showed how desperate you have become politically! How can you suddenly associate with people you condemned day and night as not fit for public service? What has changed today?
    Hate the game and not the person!
    HH is now in charge and has to be in control of things! He is experienced enough now to use any Situational leadership style!
    Leadership is not a static thing but dynamic!
    From what we see, HH and team are on the right track! Come 2025, you may have nothing to talk about except to choke with envy and bitterness!


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