Life does not come with a roadmap. This explains why all people experience twists and turns that drain their resolve to pursue their aspirations.

Hakainde Hichilema’s political journey is characterised with tribulations that are intentionally designed by his political nemeses to drain his aspiration to serve the country as republican president.

His enemies are using all sorts of baboonic strategies including State repression to achieve their goal. They sink so low to an extent of blaming him for coupled human and natural problems the country is facing.

He is now falsely accused of abducting the Hatembos that are running away from Edith Nawakwi a morally debased hired gun being abused by the party in power.

Hichilema has been unlawfully arrested, for more than fifteen times, in order to break down his magnanimous dream for a better country.

In the midst of State sponsored adversary, to the surprise of his tormentors, Hichilema has continued moving toward his vision for a better country earning the trust and admiration of many people.

His political adversaries are hurt that despite their wicked manoeuvres against him they have not managed to squash his aspiration to serve the people of Zambia.

They know that he has a reservoir of strength to cope with political persecution and to carry him through without falling apart hence their resolution that the only way to stop him is to arrest or kill him.

Hichilema, fittingly, exists in a time when our country needs a resilient opposition leader better able to handle the adversity of the sitting ruffian regime; the right man at the right time in the right place.

We have a lot to learn from Hichilema’s political school of resilience that despite varying degrees of political tribulations he has remained at ease and focused.

There are many times his followers have been on the verge of losing hope because of persistent political ordeals machinated against him. However, he has demonstrated that falling into despair because of political persecution is not his style of leadership therefore ever ready to face political persecution head-on.

His skills and strengths to cope and recover from political tribulations is a hallmark of good leadership.

This does not mean that Hichilema experiences less political grief, or anxiety than other people when victimised. It means that he has learnt to tap into healthy coping skills to handle political persecution in ways that foster strength, making him grow from strength to strength.

Without a reservoir of resilience, he would have given up his political aspiration a long time ago especially that he has nothing to gain in seeking public office.

He has not allowed political persecution to drive him to destructive behaviours or give up: a kind of a leader this country needs after 12th August, 2021; a leader who does not see life through rose-coloured lenses but understands that life is full of challenges therefore able to tackle problems facing the country head-on, overcome adversity, and move the country forward.

Hichilema’s ability to remain resilient in the face of tribulation that seems utterly unimaginable, and his ability to marshal strength to not just survive but to soldier ahead like a commando, is a clear indicator that he has leadership qualities needed to deal with the current socio-economic disaster.

On 12th August, let us vote for a leader who is unflappable in the face of tribulations, a leader with an internal locus of control, and a leader who is a cool fighter.


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