Dr. Fred M'membe


What can one expect from Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s koswes?
Like their master they can’t do without lies and distortions.

When we said that the positions of Provincial Minister and District Commissioner will not be there under the Socialist government because the District and Provincial political leadership will fall under the chiefs, it doesn’t mean that the chiefs will be servants of the President, no! They will not be part of Cabinet or the President’s Office.

They will simply be the highest political and administrative authority of their districts and provinces or regions. Take the Litunga for instance, he will be the head of Barotseland with the Ngambela carrying out, for or on behalf of the Litunga and the Kuta, all the functions that used to be under the Provincial Minister.

Neither the Litunga nor the Ngambela will be a Provincial Minister. And no chief will be a District Commissioner.
The Litunga and the Kuta will decide on their own how they administer Barotseland and share the responsibilities of administering their region among themselves. The same will apply to all districts, provinces and regionals countrywide.

Under the present order, the District Commissioner and the Provincial Minister are above the chiefs and even have more pecks and rewards.

Of course, the bottom line is that governance will be localised, and power will be shared with the traditional leaders, religious leaders, and others. The politician will not have the monopoly over governance, both political and administrative as is the case today. This we shall not have under the Socialist government.

Today, the Litunga and other traditional leaders in the country are literally servants of Mr Hichilema. But the Socialist order will change this – Mulena akoni kuba mutanga wa mutanga!

Whatever its shortcomings, the Socialist revolutionary order we are promoting will be far superior, well organized and effective to the current system. And whatever weaknesses it may have will be quickly and easily – without fanfare – rectified by the people and their leaders themselves.

This is the revolutionary democracy we are seeking. It is about people deciding together, building together to transform their communities, districts, provinces, and their country and thus transform themselves. It’s a growth in fraternal love. It’s about unity in diversity.

Our desire is not to monopolize power and wealth like Mr Hichilema and his glutinous league are doing. We want to build and transform the country together as one people.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Dreaming is FREE!
    And Bitterness never won anyone the Presidency in Zambia!
    Sata had to tone down his bitterness which unfortunately gave him a near fatal heart attack. Following his evacuation to SA by Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, Sats came back a changed man. His politics of bitterness, character assassination and insults became a thing of the past. His new strategy was that of selling his Manifesto – More money in the pockets, lower taxes, more jobs etc. And the rest is history.
    President HH also got off to a wrong start. His politics of bitterness, character assassination and insults ended with his incarceration for Treason charges. He was a changed man following his release. His campaign became issue-based. He came up with the 10 point plan and addressed issues that resonated with the people. That is how the people gave him the vote.
    Unfortunately, ba Fred Mmembe is off to a very bad start! His desperate manoeuvres and pronouncements won’t win him any elections!
    His disrespect for the Mwata was obvious to the elders! Little surprise that soon after meeting the Mwata, Fred Mmembe’s visit was soon followed by the Mwata’s meeting with PF MPs.
    What Fred Mmembe forgets easily is the many people he has injured over the years with his Pen! He has destroyed many people’s lives through his corrosive Post and Mast Newspapers!
    He can’t be trusted with political power! He can start a war!

  2. The same Fred Mmembe who in 2006 condemed the barotseland issue and lamented how he was mistreated while growing up in western province for having a bemba father.he narrated how he was called munyuku nyuku meaning foreigner in western province and proudly claimed to be a bemba and member of the bemba royal family from senior chief nkula lineage.Today he is inciting the people of barotseland for his selfish gains.Mmembe is a snake who just uses people the same way he is using Edgar lungu’s faction and Mr lungu is blind to beleive Mmembe has forgiven him for destroying his post newspaper.The people of western Province should wake up koz Mmembe cannot be trusted

  3. Mr Fred you are talking without saying anything at all.You seem to be in a dream and in the middle of the dream, work up and tell us properly what this is.Deviding the country in how many parts?And you doing what and where?The chiefs will run their territories or provinces and no executive head or president.Then what role are you going to play as president?This is like drawing water in a woven basket.Kindly drop your presidential ambition and disband your team and go and work on productive things or else you will remind us of a man who was called kadansa,who was found at the main postal office addressing rallies with no people but passersby.

  4. This man is mad. He may get the support from the Chiefs and a few villagers but the rest of Zambians see this as nonsensical. He will simply breed more tribalism. If anything, we have to begin entering a phase of wiping away all these chiefdoms. One should not be entitled to an advantage merely because of their birth.

  5. So they will be getting double salaries? Who is going to welcome you?you will be parading chiefs to welcoming you?once respected our chiefs to be disrespected by fuledi mmembe.fuledi formed the party out of the jealous .


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