Hichilema And UPND Have Scored Badly On Human Rights And It Will Get Worse- Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe


Today, as we celebrate the United Nations Human Rights Day, it’s important to note that Mr Hakainde Hichilema ‘s government record has been disappointing. The abuse of all three arms of government have been blantant.

If we go by our observations of what we have experienced and seen to date in 2023, their human rights record has worsened in comparison to 2022. Instead of fixing the economy, the promises that they made, imingalato on the opposition has become their daily preoccupation.

What we have is a tin-pot dictator who is serving his own interests and not those of the people who elected him. He is a man preoccupied with serving commercial or business interests at the expense of the poor people of this country.

If we go by the reports from civil society and his friends – the United States Department of State 2022 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, we all need to worry. Where is this corrupt puppet regime taking this country?

The US 2022 human right report on Zambia noted very worrying and frightening findings:

•unlawful or arbitrary killings

•extrajudicial killings

•torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment by government

•serious restrictions on freedom of expression and media

Significant human rights issues included credible reports of: unlawful or arbitrary killings, including extrajudicial killings; torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment by the government; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions; serious restrictions on freedom of expression and media, including violence and threats of violence against journalists, censorship, or enforcement of or threat to enforce criminal libel laws to limit expression; substantial interference with the rights of freedom of assembly and association; serious government corruption;

Nevertheless, impunity for excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies, particularly police, remained a problem. The government also took steps to identify, investigate, prosecute, and punish officials for corruption, although impunity remained widespread.

This report covers Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s regime.

They have scored badly on human rights and in other areas they promised the people.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Throughout history, socialist leaders are known to be the worst tyrants. Given an opportunity to be at the apex of power uncle Fred would beactually worse than HH.

  2. Afuledi yakumbuyo we thot that now that you two side chcks, shuwa2 and zumani, you would distinguish yourself from other cockroaches, but alas?!!!!!

  3. Cherry picking and Hypocrisy, quoting Human Rights Reports from the same People we condemn and chastise daily as Impeliastists. Shame knows no limits with us!!!


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