Hichilema chooses not to accept truth – Bob Sichinga


Hichilema chooses not to accept truth – Sichinga

Former Commerce minister Bob Sichinga says President Hakainde Hichilema simply fails to accept the truth, wondering why he claimed that the country had for the first time negotiated 49 percent shares in a mine, when he should have known better that Zambia had more shares in the mines his own companies valued.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Sichinga also wondered why the country’s conditions were worsening given the IMF’s prescriptions which the government bought into so much, as opposed to using local solutions like owning the rich mining and other… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hichilema-chooses-not-to-accept-truth-sichinga/


  1. What comment can you ever make without mentioning the name HH? So we expect your next comment at another time when you will something to comment on HH. That’s how some of you have made Zambian politics so cheap and boring. Why can’t you emulate your fellow senior politicians like VJ and others? Imwe lyonse kulanda fye pali HH, ninshi amilila tumipele?

  2. Bashi Nono, it’s time you retired from politics and posting stuff online. You do not add value to today’s politics and economics. The only positive thing your party had contributed to the economy was liberalising the economy. However you went to far by closing all the industries that were working like ROP, which used to make household goods and leave the country vulnerable and dependant on South African imports thereby killing jobs. You and Nawakwi fall in the same category and should stop making noise. You sold everything.


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