Hichilema distances himself from PF drama

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has parried away accusations that he is the architect of the confusion that has engulfed the former ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

A delayed replacement of leadership had the party confusion simmering but drama reached Holywood levels when Miles Sampa was elected party president at a controversially-convened extraordinary general conference before former president Edgar Lungu also announced his return to active politics saying he was PF president.

After being out-maneuvered by their colleagues, the Lungu group has accused President Hichilema of supporting the Sampa led group of the PF.

But President Hichilema denied the accusations during his end of year presser at the Mulungushi International Conference Center yesterday.

“I’m not a PF member, I have never been a PF. How can I go and cause problems in PF? I am an outsider,” President Hichilema asserted, emphasizing his lack of involvement in PF’s internal dynamics.

He recalled the tumultuous events within PF during the selection of a successor to President Sata in 2014 stating the wrangles were not new to the PF

“There were fights, there were pangas in Kabwe, parallel elections for ECL (Edgar Lungu) and Miles Sampa. We were in opposition; how is it that we influenced that?” he questioned.

“Don’t bring the smell to me, take it to the owners,” He emphasized as he said it wasn’t in the UPND’s culture to select leaders in such a manner.

The Head of State acknowledged the difficulty of running an opposition party and the need for opposition party leaders to have big hearts.

He shared how his vice presidents were snatched away from his party by the rulling PF then but never pointed a finger at PF.

“I never demonized my colleagues. I wished them well. I never pointed at PF. Why are they pointing at me?” President Hichilema questioned.

Expressing a hands-off approach to other parties’ internal affairs, President Hichilema remarked, “We have no business in choosing who runs PF or who runs the Socialist Party or who runs Citizens First. How they organize it, their culture is their business, not ours.”

However, President Hichilema urged the PF to handle internal conflicts within legal boundaries.

“If PF is fighting for succession, they should do it within the law. When they start beating each other at their secretariat, the police will move.”

“That must not be misunderstood as the President of UPND and Republican President interfering. No! It’s law and order,” he clarified.

By Moses Makwaya



  1. Discredited President…A nauseating lie. How such a person ascended to the highest office in the land beats my mind..Let the correction be done in 2026, so that this lie takes his lies elsewhere.
    When a person tells lies, he assumes he is dealing with fools who will believe his lies. Let Hakainde know that not all Zambians are fools.

  2. The tribal elite clique of looters whose live hood depended on Government contracts are so annoyed that the loopholes of theiving are slowly being sealed.We understand why they are so bitter against HH.

    • To the contrary it’s you Tongas and loxid who are tribal see the way you voted in your areas by bring that smell to pf leave pf alone

  3. Dear God. Let your name never be used in vain. Our heavenly Father, the Creator of the Universe and all that exists. Father I pray that you continue give our President this wisdom and knowledge to govern this beloved country beyond 2026.

    • What wisdom can you give this man who is I know it all and intact he was even boasting that we don’t know his true colours and character


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