Hichilema fails to fire his erring Cabinet Ministers- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Hichilema fails to fire his erring Cabinet Ministers

Cabinet Ministers are a personal choice of the Head of State and reflect his priorities and a team he wishes to build to achieve his national and developmental goals.

Although Ministers could be part of a reward system, this must be underpined by performance and the appointees must be incorruptible and their conduct above board since they are custodians of public trust.

Their conduct and performance also guarantees positive outcomes and accrue political fortunes to the President to help achieve the electability of himself/herself and his party.

However, when a wrong has been committed, or non-performance has been recorded, or ethical or a code of conduct has been breached, the President must make the painful decision to remove such an appointee.

Besides they serve at the pleasure of the President.

President Hakainde Hichilema has failed to make such decisions.

Even the dismissal of Luapula Provincial Minister, Derrick Chikundika or resignation of Stanley Kakubo came at the height of social-media embarrassment.

If his intelligence systems works, his actions must have been earlier known as he must have been aware of the details way earlier than when social-media stumbled upon the evidence.

Infact those accused of non-performance or corruption or both such as Hon.Silvia Masebo, Hon.Reuben Mtolo Phiri, Hon.Stanley Kakubo and others recieve unashamed public support and praises from the President as if to dissuade us from further criticism of their misconduct or non-perfomance.

And those he berates in public such as his poor and ineffective media team are not changed or replaced rendering his criticism as an act of mere window dressing.

President Edgar Lungu, despite enjoying good and personal relationships with his Cabinet Ministers, was quick to crack the whip and fired Cabinet Ministers even on the unproven allegations of corruption;

He are some ministers he removed;

1. Margaret Mwanakatwe
2. Felix Mutati
3. Moses Mawere
4. David Mabumba
5. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya
6. Emerine Kabanshi
7. Chishimba Kambwili.


  1. All those people you have mentioned were fired after social media stories. You have deliberately chosen not to mention that your former boss failed to fire chitotela despite numerous public complaints.

  2. Please try to use good language, no one can fail to fire a person he appointed. This is purely a private issue which is not connected to Government. Imwe mwalelya isha buteko and yet no fired you. Instead you were encouraged to eat freely in the field you worked. Just concentrate on your PF which you have lost to Sampa and give HH a break.

  3. I Management Science, you don’t fire on impulse!
    You summon the erring subordinate and get their side of the story and document everything in the presence of your HR officer or Manager if dealing with a very senior officer. Once you have all the facts and you find your officer wanting, you can ask the employee to resign or get fired!
    If the employee has committed a crime, the relevant Law enforcement wings will be notified accordingly!
    Try firing your own employees without a disciplinary hearing. Firing or dismissal is not an event, but a process! I have dealt with a lot of Industrial Relations issues where Employers and Organizations end up losing a lot of money because they acted in a vindictive way, outside the due process!
    It’s high time we turn a new page in this country! We have too many citizens with anger problems! With Anger problems comes vindictiveness, bitterness and hatred!
    I think the quality of Zambian politics deteriorated when ECL took over.
    Politicians became too personal and criminally petty!
    When we fought the One party System of KK, it was issue -based.
    People talked substance!
    We did not have politicians who opened their mouths anyhow even if they had nothing to say.
    What we have today are the low life rubble rousers whose only goal is to win back power in order to have unlimited access to the Kasaka kandalama and starve the rest of the citizens!
    Just be patient and see how Kakubo will dance to the music!
    When the president said you are on your own if you engange in corruption, you will see what he meant.
    The Wheels of Justice grind slowly but sure!

  4. How do you fire someone as though you have all the evidence of wrong doing?

    If you have ever held a senior management position, you will have known that there are two options available to the manager, to suspend pending investigations, or the person involved resigns as Kakubo has done. We only fire when investigations prove inappropriate conduct.


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