Dr. Fred M'membe


Mr Hakainde Hichilema is now gripped by fear of losing power.

It is this fear that is now propelling his decisions and actions.

Mr Hichilema knows very well that things are not well, the ground has shifted, and the quick fixed – Bally will fix it – he had promised the Zambian people to win their votes in the 2021 elections that can not be delivered. He knows that the people are tired of his lies, deception, and tribalism.

But now, even the attempt to mask this fear with a macho posturing is failing – it can’t be concealed anymore. His vulnerabilities are showing on his face and can be picked in his tone and speeches too.

Mr Hichilema is clearly a very desperate man, who has reached a dead end. And desperate people do desperate things. He is resorting to more and more repression today to curtail the effectiveness of the rapidly growing political opposition against him.

He has literally put a lid on public rallies and meetings of opposition political parties. Mr Hichilema is trying very hard to criminalise every speech or expression that exposes the tribalism, corruption of his league, and the failure of his economic and social policies as hate speech, espionage, or coup plots. Threats, intimidation and arrests are everywhere in this country today.

But trying to stop or slow down the work of the opposition or civic organisations in this way is a desperate measure that won’t do. It will backfire very badly. This will only lead to daily confrontation, which will further and quickly erode whatever little political popularity he may still have.

For how long and how far can Mr Hichilema continue to use the police to stop the people’s right to the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of assembly, association, expression and speech without people vigorously rising up against him?

He thinks people will always be this quiet, calm and tolerant of his dictatorial ways and excesses. If this is what he thinks, then he is in for a rude awakening when it comes.

If he takes the nonsense, the repression of 2023 into 2024, his exit from power will be guaranteed and hastened. This is no exaggeration of what awaits him. This country has witnessed a similar dramatic shift before.

We make a clarion call to all Zambians of Goodwill to unite and make 2024 a year for the defence of their liberties, human dignity, and the sovereignty of our homeland.

If we choose to resit and struggle, we will win!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. I don’t about others but Mr. Mmembe has become an irritation. Instead of him offering viable solutions to current economic challenges the people are facing so that people can gauge him but instead he always busy lamenting everytime. Free advise, people will not vote for him just because current government has supposedly failed but because they can see viable alternative to help them improve their lives, otherwise, they will still vote for the same government you claim has failed. It’s about time he started talking about things which make sense instead of lamentations always, people don’t care whether the “ground” has shifted against the UPND government or not but if someone which includes him can offer solutions to their challenges, simple.

  2. The pfidiot party said ecl will support any cockroach that will challenge HH7 in 2026 and Afuledi agreed. Will br interesting to see how many Zambians will vote a cockroach??

  3. So far Mr. Mmembe has not given any viable proposals or alternatives in relation to improving the economy.

    All he has done is to use uncouth language against President HH.

    Politics should be about alternative policies as opposed to name-calling.

  4. They say ” you can the monkey out of the forest, but it is practically difficult to change it” Mmembe is a typical news reporter and not a well-meaning Party leader let alone Party President. One can tell from his trvial long winding statements as if he reporting in his Post tabloid.His statements are always laced by JELOUSYNESS against the incumbent President. What a shame. Change your political game Fred Mmembe otherwise ZEROS ARE WAITING FOR YOU IN 2026. Don’t think these boys who joined you recently like Mwanza, Hapunda and a handful of others are the sole VOTERS.

  5. Fred wants to be President of this country. Leadership comes from God and must be respected. Fred’s use of disrespectful words towards the Republican President is an insult to the Creator & the people of Zambian that had to usher him into the highest office of the Land. I put it that Fred’s fear is the Presidential bar that has been raised beyond Fred’s reach. The bar is being raised by the day that Fred can’t stomach it, hence his repeated calls that the President must resign. Come 2026 ba so called king maker will be nowhere near.

  6. The one gripped with fear is you, you are gripped with fear of your age, you know very well that by 2031, you will be too old for the presidency, you will be a BID politician. So you are desperately trying to scandalize HH for political mileage hoping to grab the power from him in 2026. That is self delusional, it can’t and it won’t happen. HH has just served 2 years of his 5 year mandate, so which fear of losing power can he be gripped with? Moreover people don’t just vote blindly, they also look at the people they are voting for. I don’t know which sane Zambian can shift from HH and come to your socialism? So which shifting are you talking about? Those people like BH, AM and few others that are joining you are PF, they will help you to destroy SP just as those from MMD helped to destroy PF and you will be crying HH is destroying democracy, wait and see.


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