Hichilema has failed to deal with the storm he has unnecessarily created over the issue of Barotseland- Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe


It’s very clear that Mr Hakainde Hichilema has failed to deal with the storm he has unnecessarily created over the issue of Barotseland.

Instead of directly dealing with the issue himself, he has decided to use Koswe, Zambian Watchdog – rogue media channels run by the State House media team-, and Chief Chisunka, among others.

There’s a need for Mr Hichilema to have respect for others. Yes, for now, he is President but definitely not a king or an emperor.

The role Mr Hichilema occupies today is not permanent but temporary. As the Bembas say “Ubufumu bwama vote, tabwikala. Lelo ubufumu bwa chifyalilwa bwaba nga mabala ya chimbwi, bwa muyayaya”, literally meaning that elective positions are temp9orary but the position of chief or king is like a hyena’s spots, you can’t erase it, it’s permanent! This wise saying above should remind Mr Hichilema that this disrespect for others, especially our traditional and religious leadership won’t do.

In the first place, whatever concerns he had with the Barotse issue and activists, that arrogant, pompous, intimidating, and highly emotional manner was not the best way to deal with such a delicate matter.

As we have stated before, the Barotse Agreement exists. It is there. It is not a seditious or illegal document created by the Barotse Agreement activists. It is a valid document.

That is why even he himself and the UPND in opposition fully agreed that the Barotseland Agreement issue required consultation and dialogue between stakeholders.

This being the case, what was all that emotion and anger about? Who was he trying to fool or mislead? Why should advocating for the honouring of an agreement that exists and is legal provoke such an angry and emotional reaction from him? It’s him who was promising so who is he angry with and who is he trying to bully?

Advocating for the honouring of a legal agreement can never be a crime and should not be criminalised.

As we have advised before, if we truly want a harmonious One Zambia One Nation, we have no alternative but to seek consensus, accommodation, and understanding over the Barotse Agreement issue. Threats and intimidation are not the right way to resolve the issue.

We don’t at all believe the bonds of marriage, union that binds us together as One Zambia One Nation has broken down irretrievably to justify a break up or cessation. No!

But with sensible and sober leadership, the current storms, differences that threaten our union, and unity can be reconciled and resolved. And we must do everything possible to resolve these differences and misunderstandings that threaten our national unity.

There’s a need to mull over things and respectfully pay great attention to the sentiments or resolutions coming out of Limulunga.

We therefore urge Mr Hichilema and his corrupt tribal puppet regime to handle this delicate issue with utmost maturity, sobriety, integrity, respect, and dignity.

This issue won’t go away or die just like that, by itself. It calls for or requires very high levels of human intelligence, respect, and humility to resolve it.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Mmembe thinks he is smart. He twisted everything President Hichilema said on the Barosteland issue. He thought he could manipulate people. Now people have through his lies. So he is now trying to shift the backlash to someone else.

    • Very true. The true nature of Mmembe and Sishuwa. While setting the country alight these are the kind of people who will watch you fight and kill each other from a far and laugh at how foolish you are.

  2. First you prophesied that when put into office, HH would divide the country. Then we he categorically expressed himself over this issue you change and claim he is trying to bully you. Stop the attention seeking. HH has moved on and he is dealing with more pressing issues. You are free to go to Barotseland and continue stirring up those people. Let’s see how far you go. You would rather see a whole country burn just so you can spite one person.. In the same way you disparaged the whole Tonga tribe just to disparage HH.

  3. Abolish all these archaic traditional setups. Nyerere did it with a stroke of a pen. In Zimbabwe, uganda, Malawi. Rwanda etc Chiefs have been put in their place. There is no f–ing way that these lozi sellouts who were used by the British to promote colonial interests and mistreatment of africans are going to get their way. Abash to sell outs. If you think u r in good space go to your colonial masters and ask them to bail u out. No traditional authority in Zambia shall be elevated above another. If anything those who did not sell out should be elevated.

  4. Abash f–‘ing barotse sellouts with their f—-ing litunga who abated the imperialists in their evil causes. These sellouts are the same as those Chiefs who worked with slave traders to sell their own for pieces of silver. These idi-‘ots betrayed us and want us to elevate them above other citizens. No way. It’s not gonna happen.
    Actually we need a tribunal to punish all that sold out. Ngoni warriors fought, died and didn’t cozy with the imperialists at our expense.
    Before we entertain the lozi sellouts maybe let’s discuss giving honors to those who resisted.

  5. Mmembe must be carefully watched. What is his aim? Division of people and he is a danger to this Nation. Now that his true colors are out what do you do? Know that calling him a socialist party president with his emperialist type of Leadership talk in his everyday in his mouth, will lead to scare away many investors and will divide this beautiful country called Zambia

  6. The truth always will stand tall. As seen by most people around this time that the man membe is trying at all cost to dilute any message put across by the head of State. Membe is always there to find faults in his HH. The man has never seen goodness in the new dawn govt. With him every time he only sees wrongs. Is it true that what ever HH states is bad ? Is it true that what ever the new dawn is doing to the people of Zambia is bad? Something we may not know is in the head of Membe. You don’t just blame anything you hear, you see happening NO!!!!. Checks and balances is about giving ideas or solutions to a current pressing problem.

  7. To advance their evil imperial empire (which was meant to dominate and loot the african people), the British administration carefully installed selected local chiefs under a program of indirect rule through the local oligarchy, creating a network of british-controlled civil service. The african chiefs, under these protectorates, were first enticed with basic goods/materials, then made to sign unreasonable concessions while being promised protection and finally used as puppets to help advance imperial motives. This is what the Litunga and his supporters and some of our lozi brothers and sisters want to be proud of today. Being proud to be TRAITORS and SELLOUTS. We will fight imperialist motives from the past, the present and those in future.


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