Hichilema Has Raised Political Anger And Outrage By His Attacks On Democracy- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba



Lusaka-12th January 2024

When the State sponsored a so-called Extra-Ordinary Conference against the Patriotic Front and orchestrated it’s legitimacy by recognising the stooge leader and changing records of Office Bearers at the Registrar of Societies and Parliament, we warned that the actions were promoting lawlessness in the country and were a blatant attack against Democracy and the status of Zambia as a multiparty state.

These actions by the State also unnecessary raised political temperature and pressure in the country.

On our part, we kept on advising our loyal members and citizens to remain calm.

However Government attacks have continued by attempting to supplant the leadership of the Patriotic Front and enforcing the marginalisation of the leadership at the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and other government wings even when matters remain active in court for determination.

These lawless actions perpetrated by the State have raised a deep sense of indignation and outrage in the members of the Party and the general citizens.

To this effect, we have seen videos circulating where, citizens in Eastern Province, randomly accosted and harassed a “Chama Amelika” ( Nkonge Musubilwa) and “Mr.Ground” (Victor Kapungwe) and surrendered them to the Police in Petauke.

This is a sad state of affairs where citizens feel they may not obtain justice and relief from the Police , courts of law and institutions of democracy and begin to take the law into their own hands.

It is imperative that President Hichilema abandons this project to steal, kill and destroy the Patriotic Front and restores the cause of democracy in Zambia.

For example, we have noted that Mr. Miles Sampa has been allowed to hold a big political activity on Saturday 13th January 2024 despite the prevailing cholera outbreak conditions that do not permit and the stringent measures announced against public gatherings.

This is a sad reminder of the earlier activity where the State allowed a similar activity on a sacred day of Independence Day of 24th October 2023.

It is these provocative actions that cause outrage amongst citizens and members of the Party and fuel the urge by citizens to take the law into their own hands.

Issued by;

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Chairperson of Information and Publicity,
Member of the Central Committee


  1. Just firm a new party, that failing you can form a co-operative.

    Yowa time has come. And gone. Deal with it.

    Good bye.

  2. He police need to pursue those pf cadres that attacked ground and amelika without fear for this nonsense from Mwamba. Lawlessness doesn’t pay am sure Mwine Chisushi and Bro Chiti can attest. Pfidiots should learn the law applies to everyone blindly mwe mbwamwe!!!

    • He is a grade 12.
      I hear he has a cirtificate from Evelyn hone or something.
      He failed to go to university.
      Iam sure if he has degrees it’s those obtained from the user freindly university mubukulu.lol

  3. Mwamba that’s the political culture of PF of violence . It’s called kawawawa. Since inception PF has always behaved in this manner and when you say HH has raised political outrage you not telling the truth. PF has always sponsored violence against anyone they consider an enemy both internal and external. Am sure the incident in Eastern Province is no different.

  4. iwe sloppy, their are always to sides to every story, when cadres frequently pounced on the opposition, you and your cronies where celebrating while others were sad, even in this case you can be sad while others are very very happy


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