…as he tears UPND’s two years in power to shreds

By Fox Reporter
ZAMBIA Must Prosper (ZMP) president Kelvin Bwalya has torn to shreds the performance of the UPND government in the last two years it has been in power as a “Book of Scandals”.

Speaking on Camnet TV’s popular State of the Nation live interview Monday night, Bwalya, popularly known as KBF, said the only success the New Dawn government had scored so far was making good-sounding pronouncements for which it would get a distinction.

The programme was reviewing the New Dawn government’s achievements and failures since it took over power in 2021.

Bwalya reeled out a litany of scandals ranging from the failure to bring down the cost of living to the shambolic handling of the agriculture, health and mining sectors.

“If we assessed the UPND’s performance in the last two years based on pronouncements, they would get a distinction. But on achievements, they’ve done nothing to improve the lives of Zambians,” he said.

“There are no achievements. What I see is only a book of scandals. They don’t care about the poor. They’re looking for everything and everyone to blame for their failures. It’s a scandal,” Bwalya said.

He described President Hakainde Hichilema as a liar who had promised Zambians heaven on earth but had failed to fulfill all the promises he had made while in opposition.

He cited the emptying of the sheds housing national strategic food reserves, failure to procure essential medicines and medical supplies, single sourcing of fertiliser, theft of sugilite and gold, firing and employment of citizens in the public service on the basis of tribe and region as some of the long list of the failures of the UPND government, which he described as scandals.

Bwalya also decried President Hichilema’s “endless foreign trips” to go and sign mere pledges at a great cost to the nation.

He promised Zambians that ZMP was coming in 2026 to provide leadership that would put their interests first, unlike the UPND which loved foreigners more than its own people.

The UPND will this week be celebrating its two years in power after winning the elections in August 2021.


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