HICHILEMA IS TOO VINDICTIVE, UNFORGIVING…leave Edgar Lungu alone, why are you scared of him? – KBF


…leave former president Edgar Lungu alone, why are you scared of him?

By New Dawn Reporter
ZAMBIA has a scared President in State House who when he hears the name of Edgar Chagwa Lungu he boils, Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP) president Kelvin Bwalya Fube has said.

And Bwalya says President Hakainde Hichilema is very vindictive and unforgiving person.

Speaking when he featured on todays’ Hot Seat programme on Hot Fm, Bwalya said President Hichilema was scared of former president Lungu, who always sees the former head of state in his rear view of administration.

“He is living in a rear-view mirror of life and every time he looks into that rear view mirror, he sees Edgar Lungu. And that is the fear he has, that is the personal fear, maybe because when I was in the alliance with him, he kept on saying mwana this man has arrested me 15 times, and I spend 127 days in Mukobeko Maximum Prison, we have seen leaders spend 27 years at Robin Island bwana, what is 127 days,” he said.

Bwalya urged President Hichilema to give space former President Lungu in order for him to enjoy his freedom of association and movement.

He said former president Lungu should live like a president who enjoy his privileges after serving Zambia for seven years.

“So, for me the former president must be given his space, let him enjoy his retirement, let him enjoy his freedom and let him live as a president, as a former president.
And this is the other thing coming on the summit, if the President (Hichilema) of this country really meant well one of the pillars he should be leaning on is Edgar Lungu. He should have been there at the summit; he is he there? No. why? and you want to talk as if everything is peaceful and everything is nice in this country, why didn’t you invite Edgar Lungu there? And if you did invite him and he doesn’t go, it is because you are insulting him,” Bwalya said.

The Zambia Must Prosper president has asked the UPND and President Hichilema to stop insulting former president Lungu, reminding him that soon he will be former president too.

“Stop insulting the former president. One day and very soon you will be a former Head of State, how do you want to be treated? This is a problem with us as Africans, when we are in power, we get excited. Former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu must be left alone, he has been our President for seven years and whatever he did let him be.

Let him enjoy his freedoms, he goes into church there is a talk, he visits a super market there is a talk, why are you afraid, why are you scared like that of Edgar Lungu? Does he still command your motorcade? No. It is you in that motorcade, does he still live in State House, no, it is you in State House, is he the commander in chief of the defence forces, no, it is you in charge, so what is your problem? What are you scared of this man?”

Bwalya questioned the fear President Hichilema has against former president Lungu.

“What is the fear that this man Hakainde Hichilema has against former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu? These two must be the fathers of the nation now, the other one is senior and the other one is the current, lets respect them. For me HH will not respect ECL,” he said.

And Bwalya said President Hichilema cannot respect the president because he is too vindictive and unforgiving person.

He said President Hichilema never forgives.

“Why he never forgives, he is vindictive, I know him he is my friend, Hakainde Hichilema never forgives, he is very vindictive, I am telling you today, every time he hears ECL he boils I am telling you, he doesn’t like ECL and I am not asking him to like him, I am asking him to be statesman,” said Bwalya.


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